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Digital Commerce

Fashion and Lifestyle

Elaborate coverage of 3rd party devices testing in a multi-brand market place environment, providing multi- browser support for desktop and mobile apps

Online Retail – Merchandise

End-to-End testing including automated test cases and test scripts for an online retail brand resulting in a 100% coverage and 80% savings of testing

Online Retail – Jewellery

Leveraging algoQA for the testing and test automation of an online jewellery brand’s portal along with a seamless magento migration

Fashion and Lifestyle

With algoQA, covering website, msites, mobile apps, virtual stores and hyperlocal testing for 11 brand portals for a retail giant, providing 97% coverage

Fashion and Lifestyle

Enhancing Test Coverage Significantly: Leveraging algoQA for CT Software Application Test Automation

Online Retail – Jewellery

Enhancing Online Retail Experience: Jewelry's Test Automation Journey with algoQA

Online Retail – Jewellery

Leveraging algoQA for Comprehensive Test Automation in Online Jewellery Platform

Online Retail – Beauty & Fashion

Efficient Testing with algoQA: Transforming Online Retail Experience

Fashion and Lifestyle

Transforming Testing: algoQA's Impact on CT Software Application Test Automation

Medical Devices

ECG Full Disclosure Module

Covering the test automation of Electrocardiogram (ECG) full disclosure module, reducing test cycle time by 75% and saving 70% cost

CT Software Application

Leveraging algoQA for the computed tomography (CT) software test, not only automated testing but enhanced test coverage significantly.

CT Software Application

Leveraging algoQA, automated sanity for CT software faster and helped reduce license footprint.

PDV ROCC Software Application

Revolutionizing healthcare technology, this case study showcases a global leader's triumph in enhancing web application testing, achieving remarkable efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

IDM Software Application

AlgoShack's innovative approach transformed healthcare QA with UI/API tests & code quality checks. Discover efficiency gains & superior software quality.

Integrated Digital Monitoring (IDM)

Revolutionizing Quality Assurance: Leveraging algoQA for Comprehensive Test Automation in Integrated Digital Monitoring

Mobile Device Farm (MDF)

Leveraging algoQA for Enhanced Test Coverage in Healthcare's Mobile Device Farm (MDF) Testing Initiative

HMP- (Hub Management Portal)

Revolutionizing Testing for Healthcare: Leveraging algoQA for Enhanced CT Software Application Test Automation and Significantly Improving Test Coverage

RSM (Remote Service Management)

Optimizing Test Automation for Healthcare's RSM Project: Leveraging algoQA for Enhanced Test Coverage and Efficiency

Imaging – Fixed & Mobile X-Rays

Leveraging algoQA for Computed Tomography (CT) Software Application Test Automation: Significantly Enhancing Test Coverage

Imaging – MR

Revolutionizing Test Automation for MR Imaging Solutions: Leveraging algoQA for Enhanced Test Coverage

Imaging – CT

Maximizing CT Application Test Coverage with algoQA

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