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​​As a leading global medical technology, pharmaceutical diagnostics, and digital solutions innovator, enables clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions through intelligent devices, data analytics, applications, and services, supported by its Edison intelligence platform. We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture of respect, transparency, and unyielding integrity.​

Functional Area

The X-ray’s supported included both, mobile & Fixed room X-Rays. These devices reduce patient misidentification via a Zero-Click Exam and a simplified workflow that automates the process from patient verification to image acquisition. It also delivers sharp detail and consistent performance, despite variations in exposure technique and challenging exam conditions. 


The application supported multiple functionality including: Patient Demographics; Scanning & Post Processing (End To End X-Ray functionality); Sub system level testing; Interoperability / Dicom standards 

Testing & Automation had to cover new product introductions; new model enhancements and the introduction of new features / functionality across both, fixed and mobile X-Ray models. 

The scope also included assessing the non-functional aspects from upgrades deployment; to the backup & restore processes. 

Problem Statement

The team at GE faced problems with the existing vendors not being able to deliver some of the more complex automation scenarios. Additionally, there were consistent delivery issues that resulted sometimes in escalating costs, and at other times, in delayed deliveries.  

​​Algoshack Solution​

  • Algoshack proposed an Outcome based model that would allow a per test case based pricing that solved the problem of escalating costs and delivery timelines. 
  • Additionally, Algoshack leveraged GE’s Automation framework and deployed a trained team that was automation savvy and could resolve framework level challenges. 
  • Totally, 1600 tests were to be automated in a period of 7 months.
  • The completely remote (offshore) team automated tests that were previously considered non-automatable, leveraging virtual machines & simulators to build tests, and being dependent on devices only for validating the correctness of the built scripts.
  • The team worked against month-on-month targets that allowed GE to control the cash flows and track returns.


Linux / Python /Java / Squish 


  • The Algoshack team exceeded the coverage set against business goals (month-on-month  targets completing 1600 tests in 7 months 
  • Failure rate of scripts due to script errors in daily nightly runs was less than 1%, thus underscoring the resilience and stability of the automation scripts 
  • GE could get a direct insight into their spends and the outcomes on a monthly basis 

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