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Functional Area

This functional area revolved around elevating the testing process of the RSM project through UI-Based Functional Test Automation, API test automation and DB queries automation of the web application on Chromium based desktop browser viz., Chrome and Edge. . JavaScript-Protractor test scripts were to be created for the AngularJS application .Ensure near 100% test coverage through automation, for the


  • Maintained code quality using ESlint and JSCPD, ensuring adherence to coding standards
  • Improved framework efficiency, and facilitated in-depth analysis.
  • Tailored reports had to be generated that could track matched actual outcomes with expected.

Problem Statement

The existing testing process for the RSM project lacked efficiency and coverage, leading to potential errors, incomplete testing, and extended execution time. Manual test processes hindered the overall testing accuracy and resulted in resource-intensive operations.


The primary objective of this initiative was to enhance the testing efficiency and accuracy of the RSM project through comprehensive UI-based functional test automation. The goal was to achieve maximum test coverage, minimize manual intervention, and improve the overall reliability of the testing process.

Algoshack Solution

The solution approach encompassed comprehensive UI-Based Functional Test Automation with seamless integration of Postgres SQL databases. Additionally, custom JavaScript-Protractor test scripts were developed to cater to specific AngularJS application requirements. To ensure code quality, ESlint and JSCPD tools were employed, guaranteeing adherence to coding standards and maintainability. Test cases were efficiently tracked through tagging and Customized Reporting, featuring descriptive error logs, element presence, and content comparisons.


JavaScript Protractor, PostgreSQL


  • Enhanced Test Coverage: A total of 70 test scenarios with 75 automated test cases were executed, covering a comprehensive range of functionalities.
  • Efficiency and Accuracy: Automation led to the execution of 3244 test steps with minimal manual intervention, improving accuracy and efficiency.
  • 100% Test Coverage: The initiative achieved close to 100% test coverage, reducing the chances of undiscovered defects.
  • Advanced Verification: Enhanced verification included CSV-to-UI content comparison, detailed error logs, results from the database, and text comparisons.
  • Detailed Reporting: Reports contained attached logs, screenshots, execution times, and parameterized URLs, enabling precise analysis.
  • Pooling Logic and Parameterization: The inclusion of pooling logic and parameterized URLs further optimized the testing process

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