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End-to-End Medical Device Use Cases

End-to-End Medical Device
Use Cases

Automated Testing for Desktop Applications and Embedded software such as
ECG, CT, MRIs, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Fetal Monitor and many more custom solutions. Web applications and mobile apps for Performance Dashboarding and Monitoring, iOT Predictive maintenance and Serviceability

Automation Of Test Cases Across Med Devices Spectrum

Automation Of Test Cases Across Med Devices Spectrum

Covering Functional, Compliance & Validation, Performance, Load & Reliability testing

Improved Compliance And Speed To Market

Improved Compliance And Speed To Market

Patience Safety
Smooth Approval from Regulators
Confidence to Pass the Audits 10X Faster, 100% Test coverage and accuracy

Transforming QA to help medical devices deliver High Quality and Predictable Performance

Medical devices operate in a highly regulated space that needs strict compliance and still meets aggressive product cycles for New Product Introductions (NPI). In order to release the system into the market, companies have to test at system and sub-system level. It is a cumbersome process -takes lot of time to identify defects and prove adherence to compliance. Every year, faulty medical devices are recalled by FDA and other agencies to avoid losses to lives. Such recalling of devices results in heavy losses to the manufacturers. Through intelligent test automation it is possible to cover all scenarios and combinatorial datasets.

Medical Devices

Intelligent, and medical domain intuitive, testing requires a mix of clinical knowledge, understanding of needs of an expert technician, and ensuring high quality. This asks for comprehensive coverage – with exhaustive test cases, edge cases and compliance mandates. Intelligent test automation can reduce your risks to comply with FDA’s, and other agencies’ regulations and also ensure safety of operators and patients.

algoQA intelligent test automation is a solution that solves the above challenges. It helps improve coverage and accuracy of testing, thereby helping businesses deliver a high-quality product that is error-free and works seamlessly in the medical space.

AlgoQA for medical devices

Ensuring All Aspects Of Medical Devices And Embedded Applications Are Covered Completely

With algoQA, we have generated Thousands of Test Cases & Automated Test Scripts and detected defects across medical applications.

These Automated Test Scripts are readily “dockerized” and can be executed in parallel, no matter what the arrangement is. This way it only takes a few minutes to finish the entire iteration/cycle. algoQA is taking intelligent test automation to the developer’s domain by helping developers detect errors in real time as they code.


Introduce new features faster with continuous testing across multiple systems. Test cases and scripts can be made readily available at the outset of Product Introduction- even before a single line of code is written- supporting both TDD (Test driven development) and BDD (Behaviour driven development)

Test the application modalities and features with the likes of devices such as ECG, CT, MRIs, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Fetal Monitor and many more custom solutions, and other web applications & mobile apps

Keep pace with application changes and leverage massively scalable testing with algoQA that creates production grade scripts to run on device console.


Eliminate medical device errors that result in loss of lives and recall of products. Machine generated Test cases follow a structure preventing inconsistencies in testing.

Improve Compliance through quick validation and enhance clinical/technicians user experience, to increase patient safety


Functional testing is important, but equally important is to prove that system will reliably work in varying conditions, under varying load patterns

algoQA covers these NFR aspects and tests the applications by simulating degree of load and conditions, helping manufacturers deliver products that are safe, effective and of high quality

We worked with a Global customer to Test Automation leveraging algoQA uncompromising verification and validation for a Global customer

This customer is a leading manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic imaging and imaging modalities (CT Scanners, MRIs, Ultrasounds). The customer wanted us to automate testing of their CT application.

This is where we pitched in algoQA and created the Magic!

We automated testing for scan setting, across various protocols for different anatomical regions. From setting up the patient’s information, to selecting a protocol to acquiring a scout scan and acquiring the actual scan to closing the exam and viewing the images – everything was covered.

algoQA was enhanced to test for scan setting in particular, and also to test applications that don’t provide element IDs. All of this was completed in just about 3 months. This clearly validates the speed of algoQA as a solution.

Since algoQA is intuitive platform and provides wizard driven configuration, developers found it easy to operate. algoQA is highly configurable, and not just improves quality but also helps brings down overall effort and costs.

Automation testing for medical devices
“ This is a unique solution; I don’t need to spend my time on coding or scripting for automation. It has simplified test automation, and with this testers and developers have more time to focus on compliance and validation ”

A Senior Engineer in a leading Medical devices Fortune
company while evaluating automated test solutions in the market

We can help you with your test automation too!!


Tested and Proven credentials across customers, devices and applications

Our customers are Fortune 100 and Fortune 20 companies who are leaders in Medical Devices space


Coverage through Automation

End-to-End scripts execution, that runs in parallel suing dockers, covering the application comprehensively in many environments

100X Faster, 100% Test coverage and accuracy

Compliance and Validation, Patient Safety efficiently achieved Valid defects caught through automated scripts

Integration with CI/CD system