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A fortune global leader in medical technology, a global leader in medical technology, offers innovative solutions for healthcare. With cutting-edge imaging systems, patient monitoring devices, and informatics solutions, supports healthcare professionals across the continuum of care. Their commitment to innovation and patient-centered care drives positive change in healthcare systems worldwide.

Functional Area

The MDF Portal is a web-based application which provides acquiring remote mobile devices for manual testing and automation. It allows users to test remotely and parallelly on real devices with centralized access to 150+ devices. The portal allowed testers to create multiple sessions by reserving devices, run functional, load & performance tests, capture screenshots, track defects, capture device logs.


This initiative enhanced (MDF) testing with UI-based automation and API testing. The key was to create a framework that would help undertake UI testing and mobile testing for diverse devices, ensuring seamless omni-channel user experiences. In addition,there was a need for the framework to support API testing and to integrate with code quality tools and generate tailored reports that could track actual outcomes with expected. The initiative was to deliver improved framework efficiency

Problem Statement

The existing testing process for the Mobile Device Farm lacked automation, leading to time-consuming manual testing efforts. Ensuring consistent testing across various devices and operating systems was challenging, and the absence of automated reports hampered effective analysis.


The goal of this initiative was to enhance the testing efficiency and coverage of the MDF through UI and API automation. The aim was to deliver automated test scripts that cover a wide range of test scenarios and devices, while also providing reliable reports for thorough analysis.

Algoshack Solution

The testing initiative encompassed 97 test scenarios, with 8 scenarios being categorized as out of scope or manual cases. Our deliverables comprised 89 test cases, complete with executable automated scripts, meticulously spanning 5011 test steps. These comprehensive scenarios encompassed the evaluation of diverse devices from various manufacturers, running on different operating systems. The achievement of a flawless scripting process yielded a script error-free environment. The execution of these tests resulted in an impressive 79% pass rate, with the remaining 21% failures attributed to application-related issues. This remarkable outcome underscored the efficacy of our solution in identifying and addressing application shortcomings.

Framework Level Enhancement

  • Involved integration of web application workflow with that of mobile app workflow.
  • Excel report for Manufacturer and 0S combination test cases.
  • Implemented JSON report for batch.


Java-Selenium, Appium, RestAssured


  • Comprehensive Test Coverage: A total of 89 test cases, coupled with executable scripts, ensured the meticulous examination of 5011 test steps, achieving comprehensive testing across various devices and operating systems.
  • Enhanced Stability and Reliability: The absence of script errors, coupled with a commendable 79% pass rate, attested to heightened stability and reliability, reflecting marked improvement.
  • Optimized Resource Utilization: Automation curtailed manual efforts, optimizing the utilization of resources while streamlining the testing process.
  • Improved Analysis: Varied formats of customized reports facilitated detailed analysis and informed decision-making.

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