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Join our Partner Eco System for the Mutual benefits arising from delivering Value to customers.   

Supply Chain is the bloodline of any Business and Partners are key elements of it. Supply chain needs to undergo continuous improvements. AlgoShack values its Partners who can take our platform across the Industry segments and add value to our Solution or complement it. We partner to accelerate our growth in multiple industry verticals. There lies a big opportunity to build synergy between AlgoShack solutions and the capabilities of our partners.

Why Partner with AlgoShack?

AlgoShack operates in a competitive Market driven by technological advancement at a very rapid pace. Innovation is key to compete in this market. We have an advanced and intelligent testing automation solution that needs continuous feed of new ideas and to solve new problems. This desire keeps us busy in feeding innovation to the platform. Our partners will be able to place a highly differentiated solution infront of their present and potential customer base.

Partner Motivations:

  • Expand your Service Portfolio
  • Improve your margin
  • Get Volume discount
  • Get rewarded by sharing Customer feedback and Sentiments to improve the overall offering value
  • Access to Solution Artifacts and other selling material
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