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Functional Area

This functional area’s successful implementation led to an improved HMP testing process. By harnessing automation and advanced verification techniques, along with insightful reporting, the reliability, precision, and overall efficiency of the testing process were significantly enhanced.


  • Optimizing & Stabilizing Sanity and Regression Test Cases.
  • Code quality check by using ESLint
  • Improved framework efficiency, and facilitated in-depth analysis.
  • Tailored reports had to be generated that could track matched actual outcomes with expected.

Problem Statement

The existing manual testing process for the HMP was time-consuming and prone to errors due to its complexity and frequent updates. Ensuring consistent verification of role-based access, UI elements, and multiple labels became challenging. This hindered the efficient and reliable release of updates to the platform.


The primary goal of this initiative was to optimize the testing process of the HMP by transitioning to automated testing methodologies. The aim was to increase testing coverage, accuracy, and efficiency, thereby ensuring a more reliable and robust Hub Management Portal.

Algoshack Solution

In response, an automated testing approach was formulated, integrating the following key components:

  • Component and Regression Testing Automation: Automated 71 scenarios and 218 test cases, spanning diverse HMP functionalities.
  • DB Query Integration: Integrated DB queries into 22 scenarios to ensure data precision and integrity.
  • Verification Enhancements: Automated testing scripts incorporated role-based verification, API data JSON comparison, UI element presence validation, and multi-label checks in one method.
  • Script Development: Employed JavaScript-Protractor for robust testing scripts, enhancing accuracy across components.
  • Code Quality Assurance: Utilized ESlint and JSCPD to ensure coding standards, readability, and code quality.
  • Customized Reporting: Created tailored reports featuring descriptive error logs, encompassing elements presence, actual content, and expected content. This enabled efficient issue identification and analysis.


JavaScript-Protractor, PostgreSQL, Node-Fetch (API)


  • Comprehensive Testing: Automation covered 71 scenarios and 218 test cases, ensuring thorough HMP functionality testing.
  • Enhanced Precision: Automation minimizes human errors, yielding accurate and dependable results.
  • Time Efficiency: Automated testing significantly slashed testing duration, expediting releases and updates.
  • Data Integrity: DB query integration ensured precise data handling and integrity.
  • Extensive Verification: Automated checks for role-based, UI elements, JSON comparison, and multi-label verification ensured exhaustive HMP feature validation.
  • Code Excellence: ESLint and JSCPD maintained elevated code quality, enhancing readability and maintainability.
  • Efficient Analysis: Customized error logs within reports facilitated efficient issue detection and resolution.

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