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What began in 1997, has only grown by foundation, service, and meaning. With our high-quality products and absolute attention to detail in service, we have crafted a niche for ourselves in the industry and the hearts of our customers. Today, we have emerged as one of the largest networks of beauty and wellness products with over 175 stores across Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Mangalore, Manipal, Coimbatore and more. Shop with us online, or at our stores, anytime, anywhere, at your convenience because we believe in making beauty shopping easier for you. 

Functional Area

an e-commerce site, specializes in diverse beauty and fashion products. Intelligent tech enhances user experience, spanning registration to product availability. Advanced filters enable sorting by cosmetic type, skin, price, etc. The site facilitates actions like login, search, cart management, payment, and navigation for seamless personalized shopping on web and mobile. 


Utilizing algoQA, Algoshack enhances testing efficiency for Web Automation, Android Msite, Android App, iOS Msite, and iOS App. Functional testing spans staging and production, prioritizing new feature testing. Daily regression testing across platforms provides comprehensive client reports. Prompt issue communication and resolution through prioritized testing. Daily assessments include OTP login, payments, signup, PageLoadTime, and push notification tests. Focus on new products, model improvements, feature additions, and non-functional aspects like upgrades, backup, and restores. 

Problem Statement

Historically, testing the application encompassed over six working days due to testing all functionalities. Focusing solely on product catalog tests took more than four days. Payment gateway issues arose frequently, complicated by the inability to test actual payments. Automation testing in the staging environment was unreliable, and coverage concerns persisted.


  • Concentrate on new product launches. 
  • Daily testing of push notifications. 
  • Assess upgrades deployment, backup, and restore processes.

Algoshack Solution

Algoshack’s solution involved harnessing algoQA’s Test Case Engine (TCE) and Automation Framework (AF) modules. These modules automatically generated stable test scripts across Desktop Browsers, Mobile Android Browsers, Mobile iOS Browsers, and Mobile Apps (Android and iOS). To enhance efficiency, product catalog testing frequency was reduced to once a month, allowing end-to-end testing completion within two days. To address payment gateway issues, actual payments were made with reimbursement weekly. This method improved payment gateway stability and issue identification. Unreliable staging automation test scripts were countered by sharing and updating test case documents regularly. Client involvement in reviewing these documents ensured comprehensive functionality coverage. 


Java, Selenium, Python, Appium, Android Studio 


  • Enhanced client interaction and issue communication for improved engagement. 
  • Maintained a nearly 93% coverage despite application complexity.

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