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Our customer is a leading manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic imaging and imaging modalities (CT Scanners, MRIs, Ultrasounds).

Medical Devices


Our goal with this particular case was to automate testing of the ECG Full Disclosure module for the customer. The challenges were as below:

  • Over dependency on test contractors
  • Time spent on creating test cases & automation scripts was way too long.
  • There was a need to develop test cases & automation scripts upfront to support TDD
  • Lack of combinatorial test tool to improve Tests-to-code coverage


algoQA generates BDD compliant feature files and executable test scripts. Developers can test too, without bringing their biases to the fore.


Test cycle time reduced by 75% making it 4 times faster; and cost saving of 70%.

1) Test Cases written manually: 121 test cases
2) Effort Spent: 3 person months
3) Automation Percentage: >90%
4) Effort spent to develop scripts: 3 person months

1) Test Cases Generated: 2422 test cases with datasets

2) Effort Spent: Machine generated
3) Automation Percentage: ~ 96%
4) Effort Spent to develop scripts: Machine generated
5) Found defects that were otherwise found by conventional method

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