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 A Fortune 500 conglomerate, is a Group entity with 140,000+ employees across 100 nationalities. The Group generates over 50% of its revenues from operations in 36 countries across North and South America, Africa, and Asia. 

Functional Area

 The fortune company operates as an e-commerce platform utilizing intelligent software and services to enrich customer experiences from registration to product availability. The platform offers fashion and lifestyle products with advanced filtering options based on factors like brand, item, size, and price. Users can log in, search, sort, filter, and access various features on both web and mobile, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. 


 Achieving remarkable execution speed in 7 months, our successful deployment of algoQA showcased efficient testing with limited resources and significant cost reductions. Focus areas included testing new products, model enhancements, features, and non-functional aspects like upgrades and backups. 

Problem Statement

 The Fortune company faced challenges in managing testing for 14 brands and internal B2B applications due to limited resources and poor automation. Broken links, OTP login, out-of-stock product issues, and manual testing were hurdles to overcome.


 Perform Sanity Testing every four hours in production.

Algoshack Solution

 Using algoQA’s automation scripts, Algoshack identified and addressed broken link issues, OTP-related issues, and out-of-stock product concerns. Custom actions, 69 test cases, and biweekly test case script runs with Jenkins were employed. The team executed sanity scripts, resolving issues, and receiving alerts for Jenkins execution failures.


 C#, Java, Selenium, Appium, WinApp Driver


  • With AlgoShack’s test automation, was able to manage testing for all their brands and portals, including mobile apps and virtual stores, with fewer resources than before.  
  • We generated a total of 2,901 test cases and 21,644 test steps and provided support for hyperlocal functionality and Streamoid testing.  
  • We also helped with catalog management testing across third-party marketplaces such as Nykaa, LimeRoad, Flipkart, Amazon, PayTM, and more. 

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