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​​We have too much jewellery, said no women ever! Mabel is India’s first premium market-place specially curated for jewellery! We bring to you the finest hand picked jewellery from a wide range of collections that you cannot say no to! Find gold, silver, artificial to all the trending jewellery under one roof, curated from the best of brands. 

Functional Area

The Fortune company is an online platform that utilizes intelligent software and services to improve the customer experience from registration to product availability. The website features advanced filtering options based on various factors, including diamond size, price, setting style, number of stones, weight and karat of gold, and diamond carat, among others. This feature ensures a streamlined and personalized shopping experience by presenting the most suitable options to customers, leaving no room for confusion. 


algoQA’s full application coverage, helped the online retailer radically improve their website’s Conversion Optimization and also the overall website performance.  

Testing & Automation had to cover new product introductions; new model enhancements and the introduction of new features / functionality. 

The scope also included assessing the non-functional aspects from upgrades deployment; to the backup & restore processes. 

Problem Statement

Being an online only store, the customer had a challenge of Conversion Optimization. They used to conduct manual testing and were trying to move towards automation. They had hired a couple of automation engineers for automation, but the coverage was minimal. The customer was going for a tech upgrade Magento 1 to Magento 2 and wanted all functionalities to be intact. Page load time was very high, posing to be another challenge to be resolved. 

​​Algoshack Solution​

Algoshack provided test automation services for both the client’s web application and mobile sites, leveraging algoQA to cover the full application in four weeks. This included custom test scenarios, integration with the client’s SPRINT cycles and SCRUM process, and coverage of Conversion Optimization, Security, UI-based functional testing, Chatbot testing, and automated CRON jobs. The Magento upgrade was completed without losing any functionality. Algoshack also ensured that daily critical events were executed properly, and that Google Tag Managers functioned appropriately. 




  • With minimal inputs, algoQA generated over 9,000 test cases, 100,000 test steps along with datasets and executable (automated) test scripts. 
  • 200 defects captured, 100% test coverage  and saved 80% testing and test automation costs. 
  • We monitored applications 24/7 and automated CRON jobs. Google events triggered in time so that they have accurate analytics. Pagespeed time was reduced from the very high 15 seconds to a quick load time of 7 seconds, radically improving the website’s performance. 

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