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​​With over 1 lac listed products, 3 million and counting customers worldwide, our mission is to bring the world’s best ethnic designs to your doorstep. Based out of fort, Mumbai it brings handpicked designs in ethnic jewellery, apparels, accessories & more. 

​​Founded by Shailesh Jain & Anup Nair in 2011, our products make our customers look incredible. With a great fan following in India, US & Europe. The fortune company is extremely focused on ethnic wear and wants to dominate this space in the coming few years. 

Functional Area

The fortune company is an online jewellery platform that utilizes intelligent software and services to improve the customer experience from registration to product availability. The website features advanced filtering options based on various factors, including color, size, price, setting style, number of stones, weight and carat of gold, and diamond carat, among others.  It allows users to conveniently Login, Registration, Search, Product Listing Page, Product Description Page,Sort, Filters, shopping cart, Checkout, Payment gateway, my accounts, Header and Footer, Homepage banners across both the web and mobile site, ensuring a personalized and seamless shopping experience. 


Algoshack utilized algoQA to deliver flawless test execution, resulting in significant enhancements to both automation and manual testing processes. 

In automation testing, the team focused on improving the user experience of the Android browser. They conducted functional testing for multiple countries and ensured that the product’s price was not zero, and that the price was consistent across both the PLP and PDP pages. Additionally, they checked the price symbol for each country, ensuring that it updated when the region was changed. The team initially performed adhoc testing to gain an understanding of the application and later conducted function testing on both production and staging environments. 

For manual testing, Algoshack worked on improving the experiences of order dispatch, courier allocation, pincode disablement, and verifying order statuses in both the backend and UI. They also sent bulk orders from the warehouse to the store, scanned products during packing and once orders were delivered, tested the payment gateway and wallet (including refund amounts for returned products and cashback), and disabled COD for specific pin codes.

Problem Statement

The customer encountered difficulties in both manual and automation testing of their entire range of products sold online through their web and mobile browsers. As their product range increased, it became increasingly challenging to manually test the application’s quality across various browsers. Consequently, the customer sought to execute automation scripts for five different countries. In the event of any failures, the same failure had to be verified across multiple regions. 

​​Algoshack Solution​

Algoshack offered test automation services for the client’s web application and mobile sites, using algoQA to cover the entire application. The same scripts will be executed on various machines in different regions, enabling the client to achieve the goal of execution without significant delays. The scripts are being executed continuously. 


Appium, Android Studio, Python


  • A total of 4685 functional test cases, including both positive and negative testing, were automated.  
  • Issues have been reported for nearly all functional modules, with a total of 506 issues reported.

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