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Test automation using Sikuli

Test Automation using Sikuli: Uses, Advantages and Prerequisite

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Do you need a reliable tool to automate flash objects or screens? Do you want to explore Sikuli and use it for screen automation? In this blog let’s discuss more about Test Automation using Sikuli

We highly recommend the Sikuli framework to automate flash objects. It is the perfect framework for GUI automation with the visual image match method.

We will provide a to-z guide about this tool in the following sections. You can refer them and apply for the organization for glitch-free software.  Let us begin the discussion by defining the Sikuli

What is Sikuli and its uses?

Sikuli, developed by Sikuli Labs of the University of Colorado, is an open-source framework. It is a powerful tool to automate anything displayed on the screen.

The software utilizes the visual image match method for automation. It recognizes the screen with control graphical user interfaces and image identification elements. All the elements must be considered as an image file and stored within the project.

Sikuli initiates GUI communications according to the image visual match. The image should pass through as the parameter along with every method.

Organizations can also utilize Sikuli for flash object automation without name or ID. You can also use the framework for stable graphical user interfaces. The framework also provides an option to automate window-based applications. 

Sikuli makes coding easier with simple API. You can automate audio player, adobe video, and flash games. algoQA provides Sikuli script. 

You can leverage the AI-powered platform for software testing. It saves time and generates test results faster.

Key Uses of Sikuli

  • Sikuli can effortlessly integrate with other software like Selenium
  • It can automate flash website and screen objects
  • You can automate window-based applications and things visible on the screen
  • Sikuli offers easy-to-apply API and other methods, which is accessible with screen class elements
  • Organizations can utilize highly effective and accurate ‘visual match’ methods for automation


  • Open-source software provides technology flexibility and agility. It can start even with a small setup and grow with community support.
  • Sikuli as open-source software is cost-efficient, faster, and attracts the best talents.
  • Software professionals recognize the benefits of Sikuli, and it helps to develop a vibrant support community.
  • The software testing community supports each other. Developers and testers can refer or ask for professional support to develop a glitch-free application and website.
  • Sikuli can identify the appearance of the screen or image. It uses a visual match technique and communicates with the screen accordingly. 
  • Generally, it is not possible during test automation under the software development life cycle (SDLC) to identify the name or ID of the objects. 
  • You can rely on Sikuli to identify the same.

You can explore algoQA for the Sikuli script and apply for faster and more accurate software testing

Prerequisites for Test Automation using Sikuli

You require the following prerequisites to conduct an automation test with Sikuli for applications and websites

  • A reliable tool for image/screen capturing like ImageGrab, GOM player, and others
  • Java development kit includes a loader or interpreter (java), a documentation generator (Javadoc), a compiler (javac), Java Runtime Environment (JRE), an Archiver (jar), and other tools of JDK.
  • Integrated development environment (IDE) software like NetBeans, Microsoft Visual Studio, etc

Drawbacks of Sikuli

  • There are chances that the image match might be inaccurate due to multiple reasons like network, device compatibility, etc.
  • Sikuli might choose the wrong image if there are two similar images on the screen.
  • The problem with too many screenshots to manage, you might feel difficulty in execution if any one image or screenshot is missed or skipped.
  • Pixel size and appearance on different devices also affect the test automation process.

The process to Develop the Sikuli Java Project.

  • Step 1: Download Sikuli on your system
  • Step 2: You will find a zip file after downloading the framework
  • Step 3: After this, you can extract the zip file from the downloaded file and save it on your local system. It contains the Sikuli-script.jar file.
  • Step 4: Select and open an IDE software like Eclipse
  • Step 5: Develop a java script project with the java development kit
  • Step 6:
  1. Right-click on the newly formed java script project
  2. Go to the project path and configure and move to the libraries tab.
  3. Press the “add external jars” and add Sikuli-script.jar at the java script path

Click “ok

You have successfully created Java Project with Sikuli.

Benefits of Choosing algoQA

A script for automation should be well-written and easily maintainable. There should be clear instructions about the status of the application, desired actions, and expected results from the activities.

The script is crucial, and we recommend algoQA that generates quality script in much less time.  algoQA supports many scripting frameworks including Sikuli and makes Sikuli scripting effortless.

The advantages of opting for the platform are:

  • Seamless working across ALM and supports multi-language scripting
  • It also supports multiple reporting formats.
  • algoQA covers UI-based functional test automation, load test automation, and API test automation.
  • The AI-powered platform works with all types of applications like mobile apps, hybrid applications, web applications, desktop applications, robotic process automation, and embedded software.
  • algoQA utilizes auto coding, and provides for accurate and near hundred percent test coverage.
  • It offers thousands of executable test scripts and test cases. It reduces the go-to-market time for the organization. Therefore, save crucial time and enhances overall productivity.
  • SaaS-based rapid test automation and higher returns on investment
  • Simple profiling with drag & drop and wizard methods

You can explore more about algoQA and book a demo. Visit now and automate visuals with an easy-to-read script of Sikuli

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