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Test Automation Using Protractor

Test Automation Using Protractor

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Automation testing of applications ensures optimum performance, better returns-on-investments, and enhanced UX & UI. Therefore, organizations consider advanced software testing methods for their high-end software for mobile and web platforms to deliver excellence. Let’s learn more about Test Automation Suing Protractor.

Advanced software testing helps organizations to improve turnover, reduce the cost of business, and boost traffic on the application and website.

Protractor is one of the frameworks that facilitate an end-to-end automation testing. You can increase the reach of automation tests from a single web platform to multiple web applications created with AngularJS.

Curious to know about this excellent framework for your organization?

We will define the Protractor and explain everything you need to know about it in the following sections.

Let us begin with a brief introduction to the Protractor.

What is Protractor?

Protractor, coded with NodeJS, is an open-source software automation testing framework. The software supports both angular and non-angular web applications. It also provides combined automation testing for web applications created with AngularJS. 

The protractor framework can be applied for testing advanced HTML attributes.

Protractor works in tandem with multiple technologies like Selenium WebDriver, Jasmine, NodeJS, Cucumber, Mocha, etc. It provides a powerful automation test suite for cross-browser automation testing for web applications on digital devices.

How Does Protractor Work?

Protractor is a cover on Selenium WebDriver that offers a test automation framework. It replicates user experience with a web application for multiple digital devices and browsers. The framework offers all characteristics of Selenium WebDriver along with key features of Angular for glitch-free end-to-end automation testing. Protractor utilizes the JSON Wire method for Selenium WebDriver to permit user interaction with the browser.

The protractor framework consists of three elements:

  1. Test Script
  2. Server
  3. Browser

You can also try algoQA for the protractor script. It is an AI-based efficient method, compatible with multiple browsers and facilitates diverse software testing. The protractor test script communicates with the browser, supported by the Selenium server. Here the commands from the automation test script are forwarded to multiple browsers in case of implementation using Selenium Grid.


The angular team announced on GitHub regarding the protractor that the development of the software will stop by the end of 2022 together with Angular v15.

However, the team of the Protractor has given enough time to migrate automation test scripts and search for alternatives, if requires.

Considerations to Conduct Automation Testing with Protractor

  • Execute parallel automation testing for cross-browser testing. It saves time, optimizes resource utilization, and provides cross-browser compatibility.
  • Apply text and visual logs for easier debugging. Keep track of the automation testing with every command.
  • Visual logs provide screenshots of every step of the automation test, and text logs complete the need for record maintenance.
  • You can also record a video of test implementation and utilize it to observe what and how it failed. It also helps in precise debugging.
  • The video format of the test automation process lengthens the execution period. Therefore, apply video only when you could not attained desired outcome.
  • The Protractor automation tests can run on real devices and browsers.

There is no need to thoroughly observe passed tests since a longer run time could slow down the execution process if several tests are to be performed.

Advantages of Automation Testing with Protractor

The Protractor framework works for an end to end functional testing. You can use the testing framework for all layers of web applications, which provides functionally vigorous high-quality web applications.

Protractor recognizes and helps software testing web components with high-quality HTML attributes like ng-repeater, ng-model, ng-controller, etc. The framework is applied as a cover on Selenium WebDriver and executes end-to-end automation testing of Angular-themed web applications.

The Protractor conducts cross-browser testing. It automates browsers like Firefox, Edge, Chrome, etc., to simulate user experience. Cross-browser testing happens with the support of Browser Drivers for Selenium WebDriver like SafariDriver, GeckoDriver, ChromeDriver, etc.

Cross Browser Testing also causes more coverage for automation testing.

Supports Multiple Programming Languages for API Bindings

The Protractor framework is compatible with WebDriver API bindings developed in multiple programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, etc. It offers the choice of flexibility.

Supports a Wide Range of Devices with Cloud

The Protractor framework executes automation tests for a wide range of real devices with Real Device Cloud. algoQA, an AI-based platform, provides the facility to create Protractor Script. It allows access to multiple browsers and real mobile devices like iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel, OnePlus, Redmi, iPad, and many more.

Permits Automatic Waiting

Programmers can avail automatic waiting during automation testing. They do not have to add sleep and wait for options while coding. It can perform the follow-up steps in the automation test on auto-mode as soon as the webpage concludes the ongoing due tasks. Protractor eliminates the need to wait for the webpage and test synchronization.

Asynchronous Automation Testing

The Protractor applies Callbacks, Promises, and Await or Async for asynchronous testing. It makes the process faster and improves performance. Therefore, comprehensive end-to-end automation testing can be executed on the Angular web applications within a shorter duration.

Benefits of Choosing algoQA

algoQA is an artificial intelligence-powered end-to-end automation platform from AlgoShack. algoQA produces datasets, test cases, and executable test scripts. The all-inclusive automation test platform saves around eighty per cent of maintenance and testing costs, boosts coverage, and minimizes business risks.

You can leverage the platform to generate protractor scripts.

Concluding Remarks

Businesses and organizations conduct test automation to ensure the best software performance, faster delivery of services, and meet the demands of a tech-friendly world. Automated tests with Protractor and Selenium frameworks help testers to achieve the same. Protractor performs best with real device cloud. It helps to achieve accurate results regarding cross-browser compatibility, user quality, and application performance.

Visit AlgoShack’s website to learn more about the algoQA platform and to book a demo