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Test Automation using Playwright

Test Automation using Playwright

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Looking for an efficient, reliable, fast, and ever-green framework for test automation? Let’s learn more about Test Automation using Playwright

Consider the Playwright framework for your organization. It is one of the best tools for web application testing. It ensures minimum errors and glitch-free software operation.

Corporate and government organizations prefer a reliable testing framework because:

  • A user interface with fast loading improves traffic. People spend time and watch web pages, which led to a higher probability of conversion.
  • Software testing during the development phase helps to assess expected traffic, load-taking capacity, and consumer behavior toward the product or service.
  • Assessment of these vital metrics helps to resolve the problem areas and launch an error-free application.

Therefore, test automation ensures better productivity, conversion, and revenue. It also builds trust among target customers and clients.

In the following sections, we will explain the Playwright framework and everything you need to know about the framework.

What is the Playwright?

The Playwright is a popular framework for automation and web testing. It offers a single API, and built to automate Chromium, WebKit, and Firefox. The Playwright framework was created by Microsoft to ensure efficient cross-browser automation tests.

It is reliable, faster, and capable of the accurate script for your business. You can use Playwright for .Net, Java, or Python. It allows implementation on all platforms and for all browsers. You can utilize test runner for an end to end tests.

The Playwright framework has been chosen by leading brands like Disney Hotstar, Visual Studio Code, Microsoft Bing, Outlook, Adobe, etc.

Why Playwright?

The Playwright has been built on the open-source Chromium web platform. It supports automation for Microsoft Edge. Microsoft developed and released the framework in 2011. The platform created headless browsers by default. Organizations can also execute complete non-headless Microsoft Edge with Playwright. You can configure and use it for the requirement.

Developers need to use the command line because headless browsers do not showcase a User Interface (UI). Microsoft updates at regular intervals based on the customer’s reviews and feedback. You can explore its popularity with the number of downloads.

You can explore algoQA and generate the Playwright script for glitch-free test automation.

Features of the Playwright

No Flaky Tests and Resilient

The Playwright offers an auto-wait feature. It observes elements to become actionable before executing actions. The framework also provides a productive collection of introspection events. The combo of these two features eliminates the requirement of artificial timeout.

Timeouts are the primary reason for flaky tests.

Web-Specific Assertion Tests

Developers can create assertions, particularly for the web with the Playwright framework. It allows automatic retry for checks until the required conditions are fulfilled. You can do test retries, capture implementation traces, screenshots, and videos to eliminate flakes

Free of Test Runner Limitations during the Process

The Playwright framework is made for modern advanced browsers and executes automation tests out-of-process. The modern architecture of the Playwright framework makes it free from the general limitations of in-process automation test runner. Browsers implement web content in different processes from diverse origins.

One Test for Multiple Things and Scenario

The Playwright offers one software testing for scenarios spanning through several users, multiple origins, and different tabs.

You can develop scenarios for several users with diverse contexts and execute them against your server.

Real Browser Input and Real User

The Playwright framework float over elements, communicate with active controls, and develops reliable events. It applies to real users, indistinguishable from real browser input pipelines.

The Playwright selectors permit entering frames hassle-free and pierce shadow DOM.

Skip Repetitive Logins

You need to log in once, save the verification state of the conditions, and re-utilize for all the automation tests. It also provides complete isolation for independent test and bypasses repetitive logins for each test automation.

Zero Overhead and Faster Execution

The Playwright framework develops a brand new browser profile for an individual test. It helps to execute and deliver tests in complete isolation with nil overheads.

It takes a few milliseconds to create a new browser profile to execute software testing for web applications.

Useful and Dynamic Tooling Options

Codegen: Developers can create test scripts by recording actions. You can save them through a couple of easy steps in any computer language.

Trace Viewer: This Playwright tool offers live DOM screenshots, test source, action explorer, execution screencast, and many other informative features.

These capsules of vital information helps to investigate the automated test outcome.

The Playwright Inspector: You can explore execution logs, observe click points, inspect pages, and generate selectors with the Playwright Inspector tool. It also provides inputs regarding steps through the automation test execution.

Browsers Supported by the Playwright

As mentioned above Microsoft updates the Playwright at regular intervals. It means you require to execute the install command every time you update the Playwright. The platform updates its support of respective browsers according to the latest browser updates.

It supports different computer languages, and each copy has different dependencies. Users can use the Playwright CLI to install dependencies or the Playwright can download dependencies for the organization.

  • Firefox: 76 and above
  • Chromium: 84 and above
  • Google Chrome: Chrome 66 and above
  • Microsoft Edge: Edge 80 and above
  • WebKit: 13 and above

Benefits of Choosing algoQA

  • algoQA from AlgoShack is an AI-powered automation test orchestration platform. It is fast, reliable, secure, and scalable. 
  • The platform produces an optimal number of test cases written in the Gherkin language.
  • algoQA makes Playwright easy; it produces Playwirght scripts without requiring any coding efforts.
  • It offers auto-wait, a retry of tests, advanced assertions, and interaction with the multi-task and multi-tab website.
  • It allows users to run automated testing of mobile and web applications across browsers, operating systems, and real devices

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