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Test Automation Using LeanFT

Test Automation Using LeanFT

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Looking for a tool that provides continuous integration and uninterrupted testing with a glitch-free experience? Let’s learn more about test automation using LeanFT.

We recommend using LeanFT for the best automation experience. This convenient and powerful tool has been renamed as UFT Developer. It is perfect for DevOps and Agile teams.

We will begin with defining LeanFT and continue with benefits, working, and more in the following sections.

What is LeanFT?

LeanFT software is specifically designed for faster and continuous integration. It allows software testing in diverse environments and provides accurate test results with minimum scope for errors.

It is a favorite tool for test automation engineers, software testers, and developers across organizations.

Advantages of LeanFT

  • You can develop automation tests in your desired IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). Prominent multi-language IDEs are Komodo, Eclipse, and NetBeans.
  • Developers can create reusable and sturdy LeanFT scripts with Java, C#, and JavaScript programming language. It also provides faster feedback and reliable test results.
  • LeanFT ensures improved collaboration and better software testing. You can test the app for complete integration with notable IDEs.
  • Automation testing can be done with plugin help for extended IDEs with templates of projects.
  • TestNG, MS Test, Junit, etc., are prominent templates for projects.
  • LeanFT tool works across platforms. It supports multi-platform functions through diverse preferences of the QA team and testing environments.
  • The LeanFT software provides sturdy and resilient automation tests. It adapts to the underlying transformation of web and mobile applications to ensure consistency for software testing models.
  • The automation tool also supports WinForms, WPF, Java, Windows Standards, and other prominent AUT technologies. The test models help to bring out software objects and distinguish their authentication from the test logic.
  • Comprehensive test reporting provides detailed information about each stage of the testing process, issues involved in origin, and reasons for obstacles during the software testing. QA team can diagnose mismanaged backend, improper execution, unstable infra, and faulty automation scripts.
  • LeanFT or LeanFT leverages the Behavior Driven Development framework to provide an automation script in the easy-to-understand English language.
  • BDD primarily fixates on the activities of the app and conditions of users.
  • Prominent BDD frameworks in 2022 are Cucumber, SpecFlow, JBehave, Codeception, Quantum, and others.
  • LeanFT utilizes modern programming languages like Java, JavaScript, and C#. The advantages of modern and updated computer languages are in-built support for concurrency, null pointer safety, concise coding, lower cognitive load, and others

Installation of LeanFT

LeanFT is available for download either with UFT or a separate package. The process of download and installation is similar for both options. You need to install the relevant testing framework and IDEs before downloading the LeanFT software.

There is no separate license for LFT download. It comes along with UFT. An upgraded UFT license provides access to LFT and notable API features. You can combine a hawker-based strategy and open-source framework with the LeanFT tool. It works as a differentiating factor to work with Selenium. As mentioned above, you can use popular frameworks like Java and Selenium in LeanFT.

Key Functionalities of LFT

  • LeanFT smoothly and efficiently integrates with SVN, Jenkins, jBehave, TFS, Cucumber, ALM, and Git. It supports mobile apps and advanced programming languages like Java, C#, .Net, SAPIUIS, etc.
  • LFT tool has been designed specifically for Subject Matter Experts, Automation Test Engineers, and DevTesters.
  • It enhances product authentication with the Object Identification feature. Insight Mode, Application Models, and HTML Run Report are prominent features of LeanFT.

Users of LeanFT

  • Professionals doing software testing with frameworks like Java and Selenium
  • Automation Test Engineers looking for the latest updates with LeanFT

Business testers usually go for automation tests without a script. Therefore, they might prefer changes in the existing LeanFT

Latest Updates for LeanFT

Developers of LeanFT software have introduced the following enhancement in the latest LeanFT 14.52 version.

  • You can leverage SV Lab to write LeanFT script in advanced Java language.
  • ReportToPdf tool in the latest version of LeanFT helps to convert test results into PDF format.
  • Advanced bug fixes and tech supports for working with Selenium SDKs.
  • Extended tech support in the latest version includes .NET 4.7.2, SAPGUI 7.50, Java 11, Spying & Running Tests with Oracle, Firefox 65, macOS Mojave 10:14, and Safari 12
  • Advanced and upgraded TLS Protocol
  • LeanFT Improvement Program

Benefits of Selecting algoQA

algoQA can produce scripts on LeanFT.

Consider our tried and tested algoQA from AlgoShack for the fastest and easy-to-understand script for LeanFT.

The advantages of algoQA are:

  • The platform leverages the excellent powerhouse of artificial intelligence for end-to-end automation.
  • It provides multiple reporting formats, supports scripting in diverse programming languages, and works across ALMs.
  • algoQA offers a single platform for API Test Automation, Load Automation, and UI-Based Functional Test Automation.
  • Along with desktop apps, it covers web apps, mobile apps, hybrid apps, embedded software, and robotic process automation.
  • SaaS-based and higher returns on investment
  • Machine-generated thousands of executable scripts and test cases
  • Improves go-to-market time and saves up to 80 percent of business cycle time

Visit here to learn more about services and advantages of algoQA. You can also contact for a free demo from AlgoShack