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test automation using Appium

Test Automation using Appium

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Need a reliable and secure tool for cross-browser and multi-platform app automation testing? Let’s learn more about Test automation using Appium

Automation testing is a vital consideration for organizations. It has become more pronounced in the contemporary digital age when billions of netizens browse the web for information.  They need reliable information, a faster network, and a super-fast browsing experience.

Therefore, the appearance of a web page or mobile application makes or mars the fate of the business. You should provide a super-fast browsing experience for your target audience to attain the desired outcome.

Our recommendation for your organization is Appium. It has become the number one choice for software testing lately, whether the web app is a hybrid, native or mobile application and operates on iOS, Android, or Windows

Reasons for its Popularity

  • Appium works in the background and is a server. It offers an extensive range of quality features in sync with the TestNG testing framework.
  • Flexibility to write automation code in diverse programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, C#, Python, and Java
  • You can use an extensive reporting structure for better test report analysis and enhanced debugging.
  • Appium offers an in-built UI Automator. It furnishes detailed information about logs.
  • Write once and use the same code for multiple platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS. Hence Appium saves time, effort, and money for your organization.
  • Appium framework uses standard APIs for all platforms. It allows automation testing on real devices, emulators or simulators for mobile applications.
  • You can choose a testing environment and device for software testing. Real-time testing with Appium provides accurate and conclusive test results. It also makes the mobile application ready to function in real-life conditions.
  • QA team assess errors in the database or back-end APIs with the automation test code. It helps them to resolve the issues (if any) and ensure glitch-free applications.
  • Appium offers extensive coverage with cross-browser and multi-platform automation testing.
  • It supports a parallel implementation of test scripts for diverse iOS and Android devices.

These key features make Appium the perfect choice for automation testing. This automated testing framework accelerates your business towards newer heights with the best UI and UX.

You can start with algoQA to write an Appium script for automation testing. It is an AI-powered testing platform with a comprehensive testing solution.

What is Appium?

Appium, created and supported by Sauce Labs, is open-source software for mobile application testing. You can use it for native and hybrid mobile apps. It allows the same test script for multiple platforms.

QA team can conduct cross-browser automation testing with the support of a script from algoQA. It offers one test for multiple devices and platforms in parallel.

In contemporary times, companies are adopting mobile apps more than websites. Governments launching services through apps. Such a huge demand for service delivery and business calls for highly efficient UI of mobile applications. Therefore, you need reliable technology and a faster user interface of Appium.

Appium provides support for automation tests on Android and iOS devices. Earlier it was dedicated only to mobile application testing. The development team of Appium announced a few updates back that the platform would perform software testing for desktop applications for windows too.

Note: The Appium tool has lots of similarities with the Selenium WebDriver. It becomes easier to use Appium if you have a working knowledge of Selenium WebDriver.

Architecture of Appium

Appium is coded in node.js and an HTTP server. It begins a “test case” on the mobile or desktop, provides rise to a server, and observes the proxied commands from the primary server of the automation tool.

Appium develops and manages several WebDriver sessions for iOS, Android, and other platforms.

How does Appium Work?

The first step is Appium installation on the device for automation testing. Along with the tool, a server will be also installed to expose the REST API. Appium implements command on devices like Android or iOS after receiving connection requests and commands from the client.

The tool for software testing responds with HTTP replies. Appium applies a mobile automation test framework to execute the user interface on the app.

For example:

  1. Selendroid for Android API 15 or less
  2. UIAutomator for Android 16 or higher
  3. Apple instruments for iOS

Key Features of Appium

  • Supports multi-browser and devices for accurate test automation
  • It does not need a library or source code for mobile and desktop application.
  • Being a popular automation testing tool, Appium hosts a vibrant community and sufficient resources.
  • The Appium community helps each other to run glitch-free tests.
  • It provides the parallel implementation of automation test scripts. You don’t need to reinstall the application after a minor change.
  • Supports an extensive range of programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, C#, and Java

Benefits of Choosing algoQA

  • algoQA from AlgoShack offers intelligent ways to conduct test automation with accuracy.
  • algoQA is an artificial intelligence-powered platform. It offers automated testing for native, mobile, and web applications.
  • You can generate Appium scripts using algoQA; you don’t have to script manually.
  • It offers a single platform for all types of automation and supports multiple languages for scripting seamlessly.
  • The platform helps to generate scripts within minutes. It saves up to eighty percent of cycle time.
  • Rapid test with the highest ROI and SaaS-based platform saves maintenance cost.


Appium is a necessary automation testing tool to meet the need for reliable and fast software testing across devices and browsers. It is cost-efficient, feasible, and flexible, ensures excellent UX and UI for mobile and desktop applications. algoQA makes Appium easy and produces Appium scripts faster using Low-Code-No-Code techniques.

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