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talent tsunami and automation

Talent Tsunami and automation

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As businesses comes out from the pandemic, workers across industries are looking for an opportunity for change. They are looking for positions that better fit their goals and lifestyles. So let’s discuss more about talent tsunami and automation.


Voluntary leaving of employees for reasons such as no professional motivation, job mismatch, no remote work from home options, has brought a big shift in workplace. A report shows that 4 million workers left their employers in July  2021 and  this pattern of leaving is likely to continue. In fact, one poll by Monster lists the percentage of middle-income professionals looking for new positions as high as 95%.

Talent Tsunami is real. Figures show that by the end of the epidemic more than 76 million people will quit jobs and only 46 million people will take up the jobs basing on their qualifications and experiences. Just hiring and setting up a team will be a tough task and the team thus put together may not be able to  deliver in spite of the cost and the lead time.

But what would happen to business when employees quit instantly, yes this is something to think upon. The company would be at a great loss, as they wouldn’t get an immediate replacement. With the employee quitting, not only we lose out on a leader who knows the in-and-out of the market, but we also lose out on an innovator.

Are you Automation ready, when the Talent Tsunami hits you?

With this new upcoming talent Tsunami, the key to success is with automation. Automation is now a necessity than ever before. Organizations are forced to trade-off between faster time to market & flawless user experience with now simply having to retain its staff and keep work going.

Turn to automation, and you can start right away at much lower cost and guaranteed results. To read more about automation you can click here. Automation can keep your process in-house, improve process control and significantly reduce lead times. Automation allows you to decrease cycle times while maintaining quality. Intelligent Automation of software testing can help you to deliver error free scalable product in the market at a very short time.

Talent Tsunami and automation : Can Automation replace humans?

To corelate talent tsunami and automation we can say that, we are the ones who have been creating machines. And, we are the ones who are transforming businesses using automation as a tool and not the other way round.

More jobs will be in the market by the introduction of automation technology than replaced. Automation should free humans from monotonous and repetitive tasks. So they can take on more intellectually stimulating assignments, making companies more productive and raising worker wages.

With algoQA, you can do just that

Our Test Automation platform algoQA, is a single platform, with end-to-end automation capability. It covers web, mobile, desktop, hybrid, RPA and embedded applications and UI Based Functional Test Automation, API Test Automation and Load Test Automation.

Given the situation, it can auto-generate and auto-update the test scripts. We can do it without disturbing the process 24/7, with minimal human interference thus increasing the productivity. It Automates the test scripts that are executed show 100% accuracy. Nearly 80% of the test automation costs can be saved when you automate with algoQA

Contact us for a demo. In the future, we will see automation continue to broaden its horizon in becoming the most transformative technology humanity has ever developed.

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