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why choose algoQA for test automation

Software Test Automation: algoQA integration with LambdaTest

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To provide a great user experience, today’s digital businesses require high-quality software in a shorter time. As a result, before the release of software to the market, it must undergo rigorous testing. Manual testing is carried out by carefully executing the predefined test cases, comparing the test outcomes with the expected behaviour, and recording the results. Manual tests are prone to errors and are redone each time the source code changes. It is also challenging to implement across multiple platforms. However, in order for businesses to reach the market faster, software testing cycles must be shortened, and automation. LambdaTest is a cloud-based cross browser testing tool that allows you to perform cross browser testing for web applications across more than 2000 browsers, operating systems, and devices. Read below to know more about algoQA integration with LambdaTest.

Testing is the best way to make this possible. In the field of software development, test automation has been a gift. It has evolved in ways that make testing less tedious and less time-consuming, cost-effective, and user-friendly, where even a non-coder can run the test with the correct testing tool.


algoQA for Test Automation

A solid test automation platform is designed to speed up test automation while ensuring high-quality releases. Automating testing is the most effective way to increase the efficiency, coverage, and speed of software testing.

algoQA is a unified platform for End-To-End Test Automation that provides a unified approach to frontend test automation, API test automation, and load test automation for various types of applications. algoQA helps to accelerate test automation. We have significant experience in test automation for customers in a variety of industries, with applicable use cases. Now let’s see why choose algoQA for test automation.

There are various test automation platforms available today, but in this blog, we’ll look at why we should choose algoQA.

Automating your tests is easy and takes fewer steps:

algoQA requires only three steps to automate testing: Profile, Auto Code, Schedule and Execute.

  1. Profile: Drag & drop and wizards-driven application profiling. Auto-generation of an optimal number of test cases written in Gherkin language (GWT) along with datasets. This is the only step where you require manual intervention.
  2. Auto Code: Auto-generation of Feature Files that is BDD complaint and test script in the language of your choice leveraging algoQA
  3. Schedule and Execute: Schedule Test Execution, Collect Results, and Dashboards that Publish Reports in various formats.

Supports different types of tests:

Automate various types of testing for your software with algoQA. You can automate both functional and non-functional tests by leveraging algoQA. Functional Tests like API Testing, UI Testing, ETL Testing, and Non-Functional Tests like Load Testing, Security Testing, and Performance Testing. algoQA provides up to 100% test coverage and test accuracy through automation.

Supports Multi-language scripting:

algoQA provides test scripts in the languages of your choice. algoQA generates not only test scripts but also English-written test cases that match global documentation standards. algoQA allows customers to include any of their documentation procedures in the Feature Files and any of their coding guidelines in the scripts. algoQA supports multi-language scripting; it supports the top five languages: JavaScript, Python, Typescript, Java, and C#.NET. algoQA provides test scripts in the languages of your choice.

Supports ALM and other tools:

algoQA is a Technology Agnostic that supports ALM and other tools, including Selenium, Appium, Botium, Squish, Cucumber, LambdaTest etc. algoQA can act as an extension to your current platform by utilizing any custom techniques that users may have created. With algoQA, Selenium, Appium, Squish, TestLeft, and many other tests are simplified!

Covers all types of applications:

algoQA covers all types of applications. It covers some Web Applications, Desktop Applications, Mobile Apps – Android & iOS (Native apps and mobile web apps) and the tricky Hybrid Applications and Robotic Process Automation. It even covers the most complex Embedded Software. Test Automation is simpler with algoQA!

OS Independent:

algoQA is OS Independent. You can leverage it in any operating system, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Multi-Browser Support:

You can use algoQA in any browser; it supports multiple browsers, including Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and headless browsers.

algoQA is BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER and is Inherently Scalable:

algoQA Optimizes and automates testing by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. algoQA Standardizes and optimizes test cases and generates production-grade test scripts, and it is an easy-to-use and reliable platform. algoQA provides100% test coverage & accuracy through automation.

By leveraging algoQA, Get Shorter Go-To-Market & Enhanced Productivity. With algoQA’s Rapid Testing, you can generate thousands of test cases and executable scripts within minutes. By leveraging algoQA, you can get 5 times more productivity, and you can also save 80% of test automation. algoQA is 100X faster, and it integrates with CI-CD to accelerate testing for DevOps.

algoQA enables clients to keep pace with the digital economy. By leveraging algoQA, you can save up to 80% of test automation and test maintenance costs. It has Higher ROI and it is SaaS-based.


In the field of software development, test automation has been a gift. It has evolved in ways that make testing less tedious but also less time-consuming, cost-effective, and user- friendly; even a non-coder can run the test with the correct testing tool.

AlgoShack aims to change the way software is tested & delivered, making test automation Better, Faster, Cheaper, and Inherently Scalable. Essentially with algoQA, anyone can automate testing. algoQA is an End-To-End test automation platform; by leveraging algoQA, you can generate scripts from technologies of your choice.

algoQA is a unified platform for end-to-end test automation, covering UI Based Functional Test Automation, API Test Automation, and Load Test Automation. algoQA is technology agnostic; it supports multi-language scripting, seamless working across ALM, and multiple reporting formats to choose from. algoQA covers Web Applications, Desktop Applications, Mobile Apps, Hybrid Applications, Robotic Process Automation, and Embedded Software. It is OS Independent and has multi-browser support.

algoQA provides100% test coverage & accuracy through automation. By leveraging algoQA Get Shorter Go-To-Market & Enhanced Productivity, you can save up to 80% of test automation and test maintenance costs. LambdaTest has now become an integration partner with AlgoShack and the platform is now accessable on LambdaTest as well. To read more click here.

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