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Selenium vs UiPath

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Automating testing is a critical consideration in the software development life cycle. There are many powerful and dynamic tools available for test automation and one of the most widely and dominant tools used to automate testing of web applications across browsers and platforms is Selenium.

UiPath is an RPA tool that can also be used for automating testing of web applications; UiPath enables the web developers to perform various actions like data extraction, application transfer, report generation, and website testing.

Of course, there are other frameworks such as Cypress, Playwirght, Puppeteer etc for automating testing of web applications but in this blog we are going to compare selenium and UiPath, how they differ, and why does Selenium have an upper hand in the testing world than the other.


Selenium is one of the most used automation testing tools. It is an open-source tool used for automating the tests carried out on web application for browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Test cases can be written in multiple programming languages such as Java, Python, C#, Ruby, etc


Automating of business operations with the help of robots to reduce human intervention is called Robotic Process Automation (RPA). UiPath is one such RPA tool that can be used for various forms of automation such as Citrix automation, PDF automation, Web automation, and Windows desktop automation.

How does Selenium differ from UiPath?

Both Selenium and UiPath help in delivering automation solutions. Even though the primary goal of Selenium and UiPath is automation, let’s see how they differ from one another.

Selenium Factors UiPath
Automated testing of Web Applications What does it automate? Business Processes across Web Applications, Windows Applications and Mobile Apps
Programming Knowledge required Coding knowledge needed? Minimum coding knowledge required
Open source tool Open source or paid? Community edition is free Business edition Licensed
Works  across Windows, Linux and Mac Operating Systems Platform Dependent or independent? Typically works with Windows operating system
Supports Java, Python, C#, Ruby, PHP etc Scripting Languages C# and Visual Basic
Simple and seamless Upgrades and deployment Can be complex

Coming to the Conclusion

When it comes to automation, Selenium and UiPath are both automation tools and they have their own pros and cons. Hence, the customer needs to be very specific about the requirements.

With algoQA, you can leverage Selenium or any other test automation framework without requiring any scripting whatsoever and you can get the scripts in the languages of your choice. When scripting is not required, Selenium scores higher over UiPath. To switch paths to automation testing in this coming year, check out algoQA.