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Rapid Test Execution – Accelerating Automated Test Execution

Rapid Test Execution – Accelerating Automated Test Execution

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Organizations have always struggled to productize test automation framework, but times have changed, and in the last five years there has been a drastic shift in the space of software testing and test automation. Today, there are players focusing on test automation platforms & tools, leveraging on the new wave of technologies on the table. It is time for software businesses all around to partner with third party platforms rather than build one, so that they can achieve scaled test automation.

One of the critical considerations of test automation is the test script execution time. If you’re able to execute test scripts faster then it opens up many possibilities. You can then deploy scripts in the development environment to catch issues early on, you can catch regression issues faster and so on.

Key Considerations for Rapid Test Execution

Data decoupling
Environment specific data should be decoupled from the test scripts so that data can be updated separately for each environment without requiring any change in the test scripts.
Environmental pre-requisites updating should be automated as part of the automation process.
Object repository
Object repository should be maintained separately from the test scripts so that any change in the objects can be managed without requiring any change in the test scripts.
Each Test Script should be independent
Each test script should be independent so that test scripts can be run in parallel.
Dockerization & Virtualization Support
Test scripts should run on docker containers or virtual machines or locally or on the device farm as the case may be.
Workflow changes
Any changes in workflow from environment to environment should be configurable, to generate updated scripts.

Test automation is the way forward. Reduce your product development and deployment time by carrying out testing rapidly and efficiently. Reduce risk and cost by fixing defects earlier.  To know more on Rapid Test Execution, check our products and services.

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