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Quality since Inception powered by Intelligent QA

Quality since Inception powered by Intelligent QA

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In this digital age, products require refresh in short order, for reasons such as SaaS enablement, UX refresh, supporting analytics, enabling community support, extending product to be a platform, improving interoperability, and so on. As a result, companies, specially software companies, are under tremendous cost-and-time pressure. Companies that took several years to bring out a product, now want to shorten the cycle to a couple of quarters, between ideation, market testing and product release. Faster time-to-market with no compromise on quality & reliability, at a lower cost, is the need.

The Key questions here are, is there a way to reduce time & efforts spent on activities meant to assure quality without compromising on all three? And still make the process of software development and delivery seamless? Can exhaustive manual testing be replaced by something that is quick and error-free at the same time?

There is definitely a way and it is being paved as we speak. “Software testing powered by Intelligent QA”

What is Intelligent QA, you may ask? It is an amalgamation of automation, AI, machine learning and deep technology that will allow quality to be induced right from the design of the software through to its build-test-deploy cycle. Intelligent QA is smart, easy to use and intuitive to it’s nature, thus allowing companies to focus on high quality, through error free, standardized, reliable testing. It will make quality the responsibility of every individual in the team thus focusing on Quality since Inception.

Quality Assurance (QA) no more remains a role dedicated to the tester alone. It has moved beyond being just a mere role to a culture of imbibing Quality since Inception. Intelligent QA powered by Automation, AI and Deep Technology, now empowers product owners, developers and testers alike, to look beyond testing as a one-time or scheduled activity. Intelligent QA allows developers and product owners alike, to manage testing by themselves. The powerful yet easy to use medium enables testing to be conducted at clicks of a few buttons. Intelligent QA also allows smaller teams, SME’s and even start-ups to just profile their application/s, and in a few automated steps, execute testing. In case of larger organisations this allows quality to be induced right from the design of the software through to its build-test-deploy cycle. It optimizes and automates the testing process that seamlessly integrates into the build-develop-deploy cycle. This makes testing and quality look beyond the tester. It not only allows every member of the software development team test the product or platform easily, but also encourages a culture of focusing on quality right from the inception of the project.

For instance, traditional software testing was a scheduled activity, carried out by the tester in isolation of the development. Testing was manual, resource-intensive, with no standardization and error-prone. Today, automation and artificial intelligence has turned tables for software testing. With the advent of Intelligent QA, the testing process is automated with tools that allow standardization, accuracy and complete coverage of the testing process.

The future of Intelligent QA will not just be to replace the repetitive, monotonous tasks of a tester but will empower the entire software development team with powerful tools and techniques that will be suggestive through self-learning, easy to use and implement. It will allow the user to conduct testing in just a few simple steps, quickly, even in the most dynamic environments. This will make quality the responsibility of every individual in the team. Intelligent QA will improve developer & tester productivity, improve product quality, shorten release cycles and reduce cost of development. Software development will no more work in silos of build-test-deploy. Quality will be infused since inception, as a culture that is backed and powered by Intelligent QA.