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Mobile Applications and Test Automation

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With close to 10 million happy customers, 1000+ curated multi-brands and over 1 lakh products. Our customer is a leading Fashion and Lifestyle brand and has emerged as the largest beauty destination in India. While it taught us that change is pertinent. It also made us flexible as well as resilient at the same time. we focused on embracing the change, concentrating on quality, bringing in stability. Let’s understand more about mobile applications and test automation.


The customer used manual testing to test the entire range of products being sold online through their web and mobile browsers and their mobile apps. Due to an increase in the range of products, it was a tedious task to manually test the quality of the application on different browsers and mobile devices


With algoQA’s Test Case Engine (TCE) and AF (Automation Framework) modules, we auto-generated stable test scripts covering the Desktop Browsers, Mobile Android Browsers, Mobile iOS Browsers, and Mobile Apps (Android and iOS).

We also integrated Java Selenium Grid, so that the Test execution would take less time. We also implemented a solution, to execute test scripts on remote devices; and on Kobiton, which is a device farm. With our test automation in place, the platform also has the ability to find duplicate products category wise on the listings page.

We generated:

  • 1,375 test cases and 22,715 test steps for their Desktop Browsers
  • 6,075 test cases and 104,087 test steps for the Mobile Browsers
  • 2219 test cases and 53900 test steps for the Mobile Apps

We have maintained a near 100% coverage with this client, despite the complexity of the application considering that the traffic of a multi-brand market place is much more than a captive portal of a brand.

We were also part of a unique joint User focused Conference conducted along with the customer, where their QA engineers and the AlgoShack team, conducted a 3-day session to walk the Management Team through the platform and its usage.

mobile applications and test automation

Best automation tool for mobile applications

  • algoQA provides the Auto-build UI Users can now standup new nodes on their own. You can auto-build any node on the go! No coding skills required. With this, nodes will remain intuitive and tests are readable irrespective of the domain.
  • Unlike many test automation products providing record and play, algoQA moves a notch up with its Follow Me feature that can help create any scenario of your choice even when the application is not ready. This is in addition to the auto test scenario generation capability.
  • It is now a unified platform covering UI Based Functional Test Automation, API Test Automation and Load Test Automation. It also covers Web Applications, Desktop Applications, Mobile Apps, Hybrid Applications, Robotic Process Automation and Embedded Software.
  • algoQA now supports Java-Selenium Web Driver, Java-Selenium Grid, JavaScript-Protractor, and C#-FlaUI scripts in addition to existing support for scripting languages.
  • It also supports integration of API calls, DB queries, and Linux commands within UI test automation.
  • algoQA supports CLI processes automation in addition to API test automation.
  • There is no need to further customize the platform. It is highly scalable across domains

With algoQA, Anyone Can Automate Testing. A fresh graduate using algoQA is more efficient than an experienced automation engineer following the traditional approach.

Read more about these features on our algoQA page


We saw success in the market across verticals of Digital Commerce, Medical Devices, Project Management, Edutech, Airlines, CRM, IoT and more. We have helped clients reduce test automation cycle time by 80%. Clients also saw Test Automation costs saved by a whopping 80%. Let’s take a peek into the benefits our clients achieved with algoQA:

  • We leverage algoQA to test a CT application exhaustively for scan settings, across various protocols for different anatomical regions. Our Machine generated Test Cases followed a structure preventing inconsistencies in testing, thus ensuring a high-quality product for our client. Read the case study
  • To automate testing of a CT application that runs on Linux, we use to leverage algoQA for WW-WL and Sanity. Read the case study
  • With algoQA, automated testing of identified scenarios for a CT software application to significantly improve velocity of automated testing. Within a month for 300 scenarios we were able to automate and remove the need for paid licenses.
  • We leverage algoQA to automate testing for a Linux based ECG application. It covers all modules of ECG.
  • For an advance radiology application, with algoQA, test automation covered the Sanity and Regression Test Suite:

Even with 95% UI changes in the application, it takes only half a day to update the scripts for the new version of the application.

Testing wise – mobile applications and test automation

  • For an advance radiology application, to achieve superior test coverage and increase test accuracy and testing productivity, Functional tests, Serviceability, Resilience, Security and exploratory tests were automated using algoQA.
  • algoQA was leveraged to automate testing of an Infrastructure Monitoring tool used to monitor hospitals. The project involved UI based functional automation including verification using DB and SSH/SVN queries and verification of YML files.
  • We leverage algoQA also, to automate testing of an application that uses the IoT concept to connect Medical Devices covering sanity, regression, and component testing. Automation covered UI Based functional tests that included DB integration using Postgres SQL and API calls for verification purposes.

Industry wise – mobile applications and test automation

  • For a leading global Fashion and Lifestyle brand, AlgoShack automated catalogue management for 11 of their brands across a number of marketplaces.
  • Also for a large global sportswear brand, algoQA was leveraged to automate testing that included identifying discrepancies between Product Description Page and Product Listing Page for more than 10K products on internal and external marketplaces.
  • For a large Project Management Software, near 100% test coverage through automation was achieved, leveraging algoQA
  • For a Lifestyle brand, algoQA automated testing for their international m-site such that you can test for different countries using the same scripts.

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