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Going Digital – the ever-evolving word now embraces Artificial Intelligence and Deep Technology

Going Digital – the ever-evolving word now embraces Artificial Intelligence and Deep Technology

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They say, “change is the only constant!”. Digital completely resonates with this. The Digital realm has been constantly evolving, in one way or the other. What began with using Digital to transform simple processes to make tasks easier in day to day lives, has now radically evolved into deeply engaging customer experiences that optimize interactions & transactions thus delivering highly personal­ized products and services.

Initially classroom trainings began with using animated videos to make learning interesting. It replaced the traditional chalkboard and duster. Today, Japan Airlines uses Microsoft’s HoloLens to teach engineers how a jet engine works. It uses mixed reality to blend realistic 3D hologram of an engine right in front of the trainees. They can easily ac­cess and study different parts of the jet engine and see how the plane operates mechanically. Digital embraced Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality to deliver training that engages the consumer entirely, making training interactive, personalized and fun. This is the power of today’s Digital!

Virtual shoppers can now check how a dress looks on them without having to wear it. Wearable technologies in healthcare monitor heartbeat, blood pressure and several other vital parameters, updating doctors about patients remotely. Health Insurance companies employ solutions that will send out context-sensitive campaigns, for example, to the newly-weds, recommending attractive customized health plans, and as the prospective buyer shows interest, chatbots will help with the process of enrolling. The experience is seamless.

Even in the B2B space, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are transforming their products for enhanced User Experience and SaaS enablement, and are employing DevOps for cutting down on time it takes to go to market. DevOps is about automating the process of build-test-deploy bringing down the cost and enhancing quality. Artificial Intelligence and Deep technology are being embraced to deliver innovations in engineering with impact on diverse applications spanning several industries. Analytics, auto-coding, machine learning, are now not buzzwords used in any decorative context. It has made in-roads into everyday applications and adopting these will be critical in staying ahead in the game.

They are changing the way software is delivered.

Whether it is for radically improving employee productivity or helping a business owner quickly adopt to changing market conditions, Digital has changed definitions on how work was conceptualized, executed and delivered. The power of Digital using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Technology allows users to access highly context sensitive services efficiently without having to engage manually. Digital powered by AI is now giving ISVs with access, to tools and techniques that are self-learning, proactive and suggestive.

It’s not only about standardizing processes or making them completely error-free. It’s about introducing new ways of doing business. It’s about inducing intelligence into the repetitive and mundane, about collaboration in an increasingly connected world. It’s also about faster decision making and rapid action.

Digital is the new change – it will remain constant and yet ever evolving. Businesses will need to update themselves with this new Digital to be able to make most of what it has to offer. It is about thriving, not just surviving.

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