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gaming test automation

Gaming Test Automation

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Before moving ahead with test automation in gaming, lets understand that as per Statista, total revenue in the Games segment is expected to be ₹20.92 trillion in 2022, with an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2026) of 8.54 %, resulting in a projected market volume of ₹29.04 trillion by 2026. The games section covers Action Games, Casino Games, Sports Games, Strategy Games, and a variety of other games.

These numbers show the level of user involvement in the gaming industry as well as business interests in its development. Every company’s goal is to deliver a bug-free final product, regress testing is necessary in order to achieve this. To improve the quality of the game, gaming test automation is required.

Test Automation for Gaming Software:

Conducting basic tests:

You can use automated testing in game development to do simple tests. In the past, testers who used automated testing tools for basic tasks won big. In this scenario, basic tests include using automation software to create and test characters for your games. You can also execute UI tests using automated testing tools. To make the process easier and faster, they must only be scriptable tests. Such tests allow testers to compare the behavior of the games they create to the predicted behavior under various conditions.

Catching Bugs Early:

Another option to integrate automated testing into your game development process is to use test automation tools to catch bugs early. Finding bugs early in the game development process makes it easier to fix them. It also makes it easier for game developers to match the expectations of their customers. However, manual testing can make finding bugs in a game challenging. It is time-consuming and tedious, making it ineffective for most businesses. As a result, more software testers and game development organizations are adopting and using automated testing tools.

Simulate MMO Server Transactions:

It is also possible to use automated testing tools to test your massively multiplayer online (MMO) game server. Simulating typical MMO server transactions, like UI tests, lets you get the clearest view that will help you compare actual game behavior with the expected.

Moreover, automate testing allows testers to adjust the testing conditions. It gives the tester a greater possibility of comparing the performance of your game under different conditions. Finally, you will be able to improve the performance and security of your game.

Compare Performance:

Game developers must ensure that their methods are consistent. Therefore best way to ensure this is to compare product development performance. For example, you might compare features of existing games with those currently in development. You might also compare your results with those of your competitors.

Benefits of Test Automation for Gaming Software:

Well, every software company or software tester adopts automated testing for various reasons. These are some benefits to adapt it in gaming:

Cost Saving:

One main reason to automate testing in game development is to save cost. Manual testing does not allow you to execute repetitive tests. In reality, the cost of manually testing grows with time. If once you’ve generated your test scripts, you may reuse them at any time. True, the early cost of test automation is high, but it will shortly pay off.

Fast Development & Delivery:

Test automation will help you save time. Automated tests are finished quickly and can run repeatedly. In other words, you don’t have to wait weeks to run the tests again; only a few hours would be sufficient. Test automation in game development saves time and allows for faster bug detection.

With test automation, you can reduce delivery time and invest it in developing more games. Moreover, you get to fulfill market demand by delivering more high quality software. As a result, you meet your users by providing a bug-free gaming experience. Thanks to algoQA’s rapid testing- thousands of test cases and executable scripts are machine generated, within minutes.

Better accuracy & Improved game quality:

Another key benefit of automated testing is that it improves testing accuracy. As a tester, you are aware that the higher the accuracy, the greater the chance of finding bugs. Moreover, the more quickly you find bugs and fix them, the better the game quality increases. 

As a result, automated testing has an impact on the quality of games delivered to the market. This, in turn, leads to increased user satisfaction and a positive reputation. And therefore for this reason, many game developers and testers are turning to test automation.

Why algoQA for Test Automation?

To conclude, algoQA is a single platform covering UI Based Test Automation, API Test Automation, and Load Test Automation. algoQA is technology agnostic, it supports multi-language scripting, seamless working across ALM, and multiple reporting formats to choose from. algoQA supports a wide range of applications including WebApplications, Desktop Applications, Mobile Applications, Hybrid Applications, Robotic Process Automation, and Embedded Software. Since it is OS Independent therefore it has multi-browser support.
Also, algoQA Optimizes and automates testing by leveraging AI and ML and provides 100% test coverage & accuracy through automation and 80% test automation and test maintenance cost saved by using algoQA. With the help of algoQA’s Rapid Testing, your productivity will boost by 5 times, and the test automation cycle time will be cut by 80%. 
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