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Building a product & an organisation to overcome testing challenges

Building A Product & An Organisation To Overcome Testing Challenges

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In this conversation with Shiv Sivaguru, of PM Power Consulting, featured in the podcast, Software People Stories, Vadeesh shares his journey from working in software development for various industries such as telecommunications, automotive control, and healthcare. He emphasizes the importance of understanding different domains and the commonalities in processes and discipline across them. Vadeesh also discusses the challenges of software configuration management and the need for seamless DevOps processes. They touch upon the significance of domain knowledge in applying techniques effectively and overcoming the imposter syndrome when entering new domains.

Vadeesh emphasizes the importance of understanding the domain in order to cater to the needs of domain users effectively. He shares his experiences in the healthcare and telecom domains, highlighting the significance of domain knowledge and the need to empathize with the viewpoints of users. Vadeesh mentions that while mastery of a domain may not be possible, acting as a bridge between domain experts and users is crucial. When asked about his approach to learning new domains, Vadeesh mentions that there is no magic formula and that it requires time, patience, and a willingness to invest in learning. He values the culture of learning instilled by companies like Wipro and FCG in his career.

Vadeesh highlights the evolving nature of testing, emphasizing that it is no longer an isolated activity but a holistic approach that requires technical and functional knowledge. He advises test engineers to become techno-functional, and familiar with tools, techniques, and automation. They should understand the domain, be able to relate to business requirements and develop as both QA and BA. Vadeesh emphasizes the importance of constant learning and optimization of test cases for efficient automation efforts. He encourages test engineers to have a high level of self-esteem and curiosity to explore the entire solution.


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