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Test automation with algoQA

Becoming self-reliant in test automation

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Say hello to the age of Agile and DevOps, when businesses that want to stay competitive must have test automation rather than just using it as a nice-to-have. Agile and DevOps are better enabled by test automation, which speeds up testing, expands test coverage, and broadens the scope of testing, allowing teams to react fast to changing user needs.

At the beginning of test automation, tools simply provided a detailed record and playback function, allowing users to record a process and convert it into an automated test script. Although this was undoubtedly a milestone at the time, record-and-playback testing could not provide long-lasting test automation due to the test scripts’ fragility and reliance on dynamic components.

What is sustainable test automation, you ask?

In the realm of software development, test automation is a perfect solution for common, repetitive, and high-volume testing. With the correct testing tool, even a non-coder can perform the test; it has grown in ways that have made testing less laborious, time-consuming, highly cost-effective, and user-friendly.

It is incredibly time-consuming to manually rewrite the test suite for each new development cycle, as it quickly becomes repetitious and tiresome. Nevertheless, using testing tools more effectively makes it much simpler to create test suites that are more accurate, reusable, faster, and more dependable.

In general, automated testing enables workers to automate tests that are practical and concentrate on test objectives. A QA team can use automated test scripts to guarantee that each check is executed consistently. Automated testing also makes it easier for a team to detect defects early in the development process, which can cut down on project expenses and working hours.

How the no-code platform algoQA can assist you in building a long-lasting test automation platform.

  • Anyone can create tests with algoQA.

A test automation platform comes with its own sets of programming language constructs, and platform needs that are not easy to master. Good testers, who need to focus on their testing skills, are usually found wanting in programming skills, thus manually extending the amount of repeated work.

The no-code test automation platform from AlgoQA enables non-technical users to build and manage tests without writing any code. Testers or business users can easily develop automated tests for repeated use. AlgoQA already has built-in test accelerators, so you can avoid starting from scratch. In addition, testers can adapt these pre-built test cases to their particular business processes using AlgoQA’s drag-and-drop interface.

  • Write once – test anywhere.

Usually, a single, reliable automated test script typically requires 30 to 40 minutes to create. The time and effort needed to test them grow dramatically when test scripts are utilized for various devices and setups. Manually scaling your testing becomes difficult to well near impossible.

AlgoQA helps build tests with simple drag and drop interfaces, building up from a profiler created test flows, thereby saving time in creating test flows. One can then auto-generate test scripts in testing frameworks of choice (Selenium, TestComplete, Appium, Karate, Squish etc).

The 30,000 pre-built, automated test cases in our library can also be used to jump start your automation.

  • Flaky tests handling with algoQA

Traditional test platforms cannot identify objects when their attributes are changed to accommodate new functionality. Additionally, object properties change dynamically in the execution process, leading to broken test automation scripts.

AlgoQA’s AI-driven smart object recognition technology can recognize components in more than 150 enterprise applications. Our intelligent repair feature finds object recognition issues and prompts you to accept the object element fixes to keep your tests from failing. Now you can fix items without spending hours reviewing code or burdening the testing team.

  • Reduced maintenance with algoQA

One of the major issues test engineers encounter when implementing test automation for highly dynamic applications is regularly maintaining test scripts each time developers update the product. If tests are updated in sync with the changes, scripts can fail. Manually identifying all changes might be highly time-consuming.

This issue is resolved by AlgoQA’s AI-powered self-healing test scripts, which automatically detect changes in object characteristics, notify the appropriate users of which tests are impacted, and thus patch them easily. AlgoQA self-healing scripts have been proven to cut test automation efforts by 70%.

Benefits of choosing AlgoQA

  • algoQA covers a wide range of software, including embedded software, robotic process automation, and desktop, mobile, hybrid, and online applications.
  • Includes load testing, API testing, and UI-based functional testing.
  • Supports multi-language scripting, smooth ALM integration, and various reporting formats.
  • Leverages AI & NLP to convert existing documented tests to test cases/test scripts
  • Generates automated test scripts linked to appropriate test data that can run in your chosen test environment/platform.
  • A SaaS-based product that provides higher ROI for test automation reduces automation and maintenance costs by up to 80%.
  • algoQA allows toggling between frames, making it simple to profile various menus and tabs.
  • algoQA makes reviewing a problem and recording a defect in your defect tracking software simple.


Software testing has been transformed by automation. According to a global quality study, test automation has made issue detection 60% faster for the business than human testing. With end-to-end automation encompassing online, mobile, desktop, hybrid, RPA, embedded applications, UI Based Functional Test Automation, API Test Automation, and Load Test Automation, our Test Automation Platform, Algona, is a single platform. It is a fifth-generational framework and innovation that shifts the orbit, saving clients up to 80% on test automation and maintenance costs while improving coverage and lowering business risk. Enterprises that want to maintain agile development must use test automation. AlgoQA provides tools to simplify writing, automating, and maintaining tests for all staff members, even though sustainable test automation seems difficult.

Becoming self relient in test automation conclusion