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Test Automation using Squish

Test Automation using Squish: Key features and Uses

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Squish offers efficient and agile GUI automation, automates hybrid technology apps, and supports cross-collaborative QA. It is one of the powerful and popular tools for the software testing professionals.Let’s learn more about Test Automation using Squish

Want to know more about this excellent software? We will explain everything that you need to know in the following sections. Refer to the passage and apply the tool for developing error-free software. You can also try AI-enabled algoQA for the Squish script.

What is Squish?

Squish is a highly efficient software and flagship tool developed and maintained by Froglogic. It is a company dedicated to creating best-of-the-breed solutions for cross-platform GUI automation testing since 2003.

A squish is an automation tool for the execution of test scripts during the regression stage and software testing for user interfaces. QA team assesses existing applications to ensure that addition or change has not altered pre-existing tool features.

Software professionals use Squish for diverse software development platforms. You can apply this tool with Flex, Android, JavaFX, XView, Windows MFC, WPF, Qt, QtQuick, Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa, Web/Ajax/HTML, RCP, Eclipse, Tk, and others.

Squish provides integration support for IDE, Test Management, CI, and BDD systems. You can record tests and utilize them for specific requirements.

How does Squish work?

  • Squish recognizes and analyses the Applications under the Testing Process (AUT). QA team employs the software for the mobile applications and websites as required according to the analysis.
  • The software has been designed in such as way that any malfunction does not affect the test automation execution. Your team can continue software testing with Squish as per instruction.
  • Squish software run in an independent stream, and the application functions in a separate stream. Crucial test elements and test artifacts are placed safely in an accessible place.
  • Individual placements help to conduct test automation without disruptions.
  • Squish offers its own server interface to manage the functional flow and data flow between applications under the test and test execution stream.
  • Squish server is a powerful and innovative feature of the software. It enables automatic test execution, parallel software testing on multiple applications, and remote test automation.
  • The inherent server of Squish is connected to the Squish runner tool. Test automation is done here. The server is introduced to the library.
  • Squish library has automation test-related elements. These are temporarily placed and known as Hook in Squish.
  • Another significant element of Squish is the Squish runner. It guides the software under automation test to function according to the process written in the script. You can consult algoQA for the test script.
  • Squish offers a dedicated IDE tool to run test artifacts. Your QA team can track the progress and analyze results conveniently.
  • Testers control complete test automation process with user interface toolkit bindings and the application under testing. Bindings and AUT are crucial elements of Squish that ensure tracking UI aspects, library elements applied in the admittance of automation test elements, and their properties

Key Features of Squish Test Automation Tool

Agile and Efficient GUI Automation

Squish provides agile and efficient GUI automation. You can customize test run time, recognize regressions before builds reach the QA team, and avail feedback faster.

Ensure Best Application Quality

Squish ensure the best application quality. It seamlessly interacts with user interfaces of multi-technology apps or programs with several toolkits, automatically and natively.

Behavior Driven Development

Squish completely supports Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). It is an innovative and agile software testing technique to produce top-quality applications for organizations. It brings together stakeholders of business projects and technical projects.

In-built Server

The in-built server of squish maintains a safe record of all the data regarding applications under the testing procedure. It offers a test suite and IDE tool.

Supports Multiple Scripts

It offers top-notch test management capability. The innovative software supports multiple scripts like Python, Ruby, Perl, TCL, etc.

Automatic Test Recording

Squish offers automatic automation test recording and identification of high-level elements and communications.

Top Quality Verification

Squish Pick and Verification Points tools to authenticate test element’s properties, verify table values, and compare images.

Distributed Batch Testing

Squish also offers distributed batch testing facility. You can create and implement a library of batch scripts and aim parts of the AUT or the entire AUT.

Testers can authenticate individual batch results after analyzing the comprehensive report, recognize and explain regressions, and finally make a summary report of the test automation procedure

One-click Integrated Control

Squish offers one-click integrated remote control for almost all targets. It provides an extensive integration option with ALM, Builds Integration, Software Project Management, Continuous Integration, and Test Management.

Stable and Authentic Test Reports

The multi-user automation testing tool helps to generate authenticated and stable test scripts. It simplifies troubleshooting, maintenance, and test creation.

Comprehensive Test Automation Package

Squish offers a comprehensive testing package with image-based, object-based, and optical character recognition capabilities.

Squish makes the life of software professionals easier with innovative and comprehensive features. 

It makes test automation convenient and ensures glitch-free applications for organizations.

Uses of Squish in Diverse Areas

  1. Application for multiple automation testing methodologies like functional testing, regression testing, keyword-driven testing, stress testing, remote testing, batch-driven testing, user interface testing, etc
  1. Compatibility with multiple platforms and applications like android based applications, mac based apps, windows based apps, java themed apps, qt apps, etc
  1. Squish supports all the latest and updated test scripts like Ruby, TCL, JavaScript, etc.

Benefits of Choosing algoQA

Script for software testing contains steps and instructions to execute the test. It should be easy to understand for developers and testers. Test scripts should be authentic, safe, and faster.

You can avail of all of these and more at algoQA from AlgoShack. algoQA supports multiple scripting frameworks including Squish and helps you generate maintainable Squish scripts.

Consider the AI-enabled platform for:

  • Test cases, data sets, and scripts in minutes
  • Test scripts are executable and save up to eighty percent of testing& maintenance time
  • It does need any setup, enhances coverage, and minimizes business risks
  • algoQA offers auto coding, cross-browser and multi-platform compatibility.

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