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automation and quality assurance

automation and quality assurance

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The year 2022 will mark momentum of changes in technology and digital transformation, thereby requiring the organizations to innovate and reinvent themselves 24/7.Lets dive into the blog and understand more about automation and quality assurance

Here are the top three Testing Technology trends that could throw us all into a frothing frenzy!

Trend 1: Given the “Work from home” situation, centralized testing platforms that allow people to work as a team, no matter where they are located; will gain momentum. Likewise, platforms are expected to support “offline modelling,” not only  for Test Driven Development but also for supporting remote working.

Trend 2: Interactive visual testing will gain momentum and is expected to help reduce flakiness further.

Trend 3: Similarly, Automation of Mobile App Testing would garner speed. By looking at the latest trends, frameworks such Selendroid are going to be more prevalent in 2022. According to a report, the market of mobile app testing will generate revenue of $8.23 billion by 2025.

PRODUCT SUCCESS – automation and quality assurance

“It’s automation, not automagic.” — Jim Hazen

Products which deliver real and unique benefits to customers are far more likely to succeed in  the  marketplace. The key to measuring product experience is understanding user segments and understanding what automation should be used in the product more often and for what reasons.

algoQA Product Highlights for year 2021:

  1. To begin with, algoQA is a unified platform, covering UI based test automation, API test automation and Load test automation, across Desktop applications, Web Applications, Mobile Apps and Hybrid Applications.
  2. algoQA supports Do-it-Yourself. As an example, one of our customers successfully completed automation of testing for their diagnostic ECG application; the customer’s testing teams automated subsystem level testing using algoQA in about 3 months across all modules of the ECG application.
  3. algoQA not only produces test scripts but also  produces English-written test cases that comply with global  documentation  practices.  algoQA  offers  users the flexibility to incorporate any of  their  documentation practices in  the Feature Files and any of their coding guidelines in the scripts. Supports multi- language scripting, seamless working across ALM and multiple reporting formats.
  4. algoQA moves a notch up with its Follow Me feature that can help create any scenario of your choice even when the application is not ready.
  5. algoQA supports the top 5 languages – Typescript, JavaScript, Java, Python and C#.NET.
  6. algoQA supports Test Automation Frameworks including Selenium, Protractor, Cypress, Playwright, Appium, Squish, Sikuli, FlaUI, WinAppDriver, LFT, and RestAssured.algoQA can also leverage any of the custom methods that the  users  may  have and serve as an extension to your existing platform.
  7. Web enabled algoQA will be released in  2022;  here  multiple people can  work on the same project at a time seamlessly.
automation and quality assurance

MARKET SUCCESS – automation and quality assurance

It’s tough, we know, but that’s what being a leader is about. Ones leadership is tested during a crisis, and when you are faced with challenging situations that stretches you to think beyond your comfort zone.We learnt how to set better expectations with the  customer.  2021  has  seen  a  lot  of  ups  and downs, but our market success has grown regardless of the situations.

Below are the highlights:

1. algoQA has, to its credit, a number of  use  cases  in  several industry verticals viz., Healthcare & Medical Devices industry, Retail & Digital Commerce, 3rd Party Logistics, Enterprise Software, and Gaming, covering standalone applications, embedded software, web applications and mobile apps. The use cases cover mission critical applications, enterprise applications, consumer applications, IoT, Analytics, Serviceability, and many others;  Functional  as well as Non-Functional Use Cases such as Performance, Load, Reliability, and Resilience.

2. So far, We have consolidated our experience across Healthcare & Medical devices namely CT, MR, ECG and  invasive devices. With  Use  cases  across CT,  MR, ECG, Healthcare Invasive, Radiology, IoT, Analytics and Serviceability and clinical platforms

3. Growing IoT use cases  include  End  to  End  Automation  of  ‘IoT  for  Services’ that however include reactive, predictive and proactive diagnostics, seamless remote software upgrades and remote servicing.

4. Further more, we use algoQA for automating testing of mobile device farm that included both UI automation as well API Test automation; it  involved integration of web application workflow with that of mobile app workflow.

5. In case of an Enterprise Software that manages projects, process and resources, it took about 45 person months of  efforts  to  automate  4000 scenarios reducing automation efforts by 78% and enabling faster time to market.

6. We are leveraging algoQA for replacing UI Path with Java-Selenium for scalable automation.

7. In addition, algoQA has been leveraged for replacing white framework with WinAppDriver. Our customers have leveraged algoQA for Selenium, Protractor, Playwright, Appium, Squish, Sikuli, FlaUI, WinAppDriver, RestAssured, and LFT


The journey has been incredible so far. We didn’t form this company to chase the “Known”; We formed this company to chase the “Unknown.”

In other words, for us, at AlgoShack, we focus on  embracing drastic changes, concentrating on quality, bringing in stability and in finding incremental solutions to solve problems more comprehensively.


Till now, as we look back on our 4 year journey, our  growth has  been tremendous. Similarly, with several QA Automation Engineers working across Healthcare & Medical devices, Retail & Digital Commerce, Third Party Logistics, Enterprise Project Management and Gaming companies, we are here to make test automation simpler, faster, and better. AlgoShack aspires to transform the way we deliver the software. Socially speaking, AlgoShack is removing experience-biases.

To conclude, we will see automation continue to broaden its horizon in becoming the most transformative technology humanity has ever developed.

Thank you for sticking with us as we jump milestones and surpass expectations!

We Build and Succeed Together!

Until next time!

With our Warmest Regards,Team AlgoShack