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Auto healing in test automation

Auto Healing in Test Automation

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Auto Healing in Test Automation

What to do if the running script stops due to an unexpected object in the path?

Conduct test automation with auto-healing to get rid of interruptions and avail a glitch-free continuous development process. In the following sections, we will define auto-healing, explain benefits, reasons to choose algoQA for self-healing, and more. Stay through the passage and refer to your next software testing project.

Definition of Auto Healing in Test Automation Auto healing in automation testing makes adjustments to the transformations that happen during the software testing process. It adapts itself according to the testing environment and UI. Self-healing minimizes the need for human intervention in automation testing and therefore reduces the chances of human error.

How does Auto Healing work in Test Automation?

Auto healing in automation testing provides better opportunities to avoid sudden stops during script execution. It minimizes the chances of a complete shutdown. Your team can avail of self-healing to assess and analyze all properties of elements to offer weighted scores to every resembling object.

The auto-healing process can evaluate, analyze, and select from ten diverse elements in less than fifty milliseconds.  The purpose of the auto-healing is to identify the differentiation in the concerned objects that lead to script break. It studies test automation data, provides the best possible solution for test continuation, and implements the solutions to avoid downtime. Self-healing or auto-healing is a type of advanced learn-and-adapt method in the software testing procedure. Machine learning technologies and natural language processing are contributing agents for this innovative feature in automation testing. During the automation test, auto-healing tools analyze the UI of the web or mobile application for elements. After finding the objects, the system compares them with a previously developed software model. Next, self-tools analyze the required changes and adapt the test implementation accordingly.  Reasons for Auto-healing Implementation

You require auto healing for software testing because:

  • Auto-healing in automation improves the reliability of the application test and ensures easy UI testing.
  • Organizations minimize the time and money invested in application maintenance.
  • Traditional frameworks for automation tests are not developed for self-adapt according to changes. It disturbs the flow of the project and often causes sudden stops during the test run. Unable to transform is the primary cause of most automation test disruptions.
  • Innovative auto-healing in test automation updates and adapting for the required transformations in the user interface
  • It eliminates the chances of failures and flaky tests.
  • Auto healing eliminates the need to conduct manual part of software testing. It means programmers do not need to invest lots of effort and time to update the automation test script.
  • It also helps to predict user behavior and create innovative solutions to manage unexpected practical situations.

Is it possible to use auto-healing for all automation tests?

Organizations can incorporate self-healing features for a diverse range of automation tests. However, tools might differ according to the automation platform. A platform like algoQA with an option to conduct multiple testing on different platforms will serve your purpose. Auto-healing with algoQA boosts the comprehensive efficiency of the software testing process. It addresses issues that arise because of repetitive work, time-consuming processes, and human errors. Programmers prefer auto-healing for integration testing, unit testing, and functional testing.  The change of mindset about automation tests Auto-healing feature provides automation within the automation test. It means you can eliminate the need for manual testing at any part of the script. It minimizes maintenance and provides better returns on investment.

The self-healing feature has changed the traditional mindset about software testing and provides a competitive edge for organizations.

Benefits of Choosing algoQA

  • algoQA platform provides an auto-healing feature. It smoothly adapts automation tests to match the changes your team makes to the application.
  • Avoid being stopped by broken tests and manual fixes with this AI and ML-based test automation tool.
  • Improve reliability and reduce maintenance with the help of AI-powered algoQA from AlgoShack
  • algoQA can pick up any changes in the locators and other superficial application altercations automatically.
  • It can heal the scripts without requiring any manual intervention.
  • Therefore, it saves time, effort, and money.

How does algoQA work for Auto Healing in Test Automation?

Here is the process of auto-healing in test automation at algoQA. Automatic Test Evolution algoQA captures several unique objects and their features at the time of test creation and implementation. You can adapt your tests with UI changes during development. Human and Machine Intelligence Generate and run advanced automation tests with the machine and human intelligence-based system at algoQA. The automation platform adds the context of human behavior with machine learning for the best outcome of auto-healing. Smart Objects Locators algoQA allows the system to locate and identify application changes. It's innovative object locators offer easy test automation for advanced frameworks like Angular, React, etc.

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