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API test automation using RestSharp

API Test Automation Using RestSharp

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API Test Automation Using RestSharp

RestSharp is one of the most renowned HTTP client libraries among developers globally. It helps to create synchronous and asynchronous calls for remote elements. It is a feature- packed DotNet library that offers multiple advantages for API automation testing. In this passage, we will explain API testing, RestSharp for API automation testing, features, and benefits of choosing algoQA for RestSharp script. algoQA from AlgoShack is a machine learning-based and artificial intelligence-powered automation platform for a variety of applications.

What is API Testing?

API test automation is a form of software testing to assess an application program interface and authenticate desired security, trust factor, performance, and functionality. These automation tests are executed as part of the integration testing or directly on the API. API is a type of middleware code. It ensures continuous communication between two applications. This middleware code states the process software calls services from the OS and other concerned applications. API automation testing is done by QA, DevOps, and development professionals to provide glitch-free applications for organizations. Software testing comprises three levels: Data Level, API or Service Level, and UI or Presentation Level.

Middle layer or API level deals with how users can communicate with the application services, features, and app data. The development team sends requests to one or more API endpoints and analyzes the received responses against the desired outcomes. What is RestSharp, and How does it work for API testing? RestSharp is an all-inclusive open-source C# library. It works with diverse types of DotNet technologies and is one of the most popular HTTP client libraries among developers, QA teams, and other software professionals. The automation tool has more than thirty-two million downloads on NuGet only. It has over ten thousand regular downloads and favorite for OSS projects like Swagger and Roslyn. RestSharp is supported by the .Net Foundation.

It is made for API automation tests by sending requests and analyzing the responses compare to expected outcomes. RestSharp provides time-saving useful features and myriad benefits for easy and clean UI of applications. Given its power-packed library and convenient API, it is the desired tool for developers looking to create detailed and accurate apps and programs.

Key features of RestSharp are automatic serialization & deserialization, response & request type detection, myriad verifications, and a number of other useful functions. We will provide brief notes on these features in the following sections.

Features of RestSharp API Automation Tool

  • RestSharp offers JSON and XML with customized serialization and deserialization.
  • Serialization is a method to transform the condition of an element into a byte stream. Deserialization refers to the reverse mechanism for the same.
  • RestSharp provides diverse overloads for fully asynchronous HTTP calls.
  • You can write your own code to run API test automation.
  • RestSharp supports OAuth1, OAuth2, JWT, and Basic for authentication of multiple software.
  • You can customize almost every portion of an HTTP call with its extensive configuration feature.
  • RestSharp sends elements as files, request bodies, and forms in XML or JSON. You can upload and download the files in the form of streams or bytes.
  • Users can add URL portions, requests, body, header, or form aspects through RestSharp using efficient and simple API.
  • RestSharp .Net library supports GET, HEAD, POST, DELETE, PUT, and OPTIONS features.

How does RestSharp function?

RestSharp API automation tool performs the following functions:

  • It develops requests, adds frameworks to generated requests, software testing implementation, and manages requests.
  • The automation framework also performs verification and deserialization. Advantages of RestSharp for Software Testing
  • RestSharp provides a perfect framework for people using REST for HTTP APIs in .Net.
  • REST or SOAP are general, reliable, and efficient tools for interacting with external data. RestSharp works perfectly with Windows mobile apps.
  • Windows platforms need asynchronous request management as the primary requirement to execute programming. RestSharp is an apt tool for Windows applications because it supports synchronous and asynchronous requests.
  • Help developers to save time and create a useful tool with an efficient UI Latest Releases and Upgrades for RestSharp
  • The development team of RestSharp released its latest version v107 with significant upgrades, changes, and fixes.
  • According to the latest releases RestSharp will not use the legacy ‘HttpWebRequest’ class. It will replace it with ‘HttpClient’.
  • This transformation will resolve multiple problems like improper HttpClient instance, hanging connections, upgraded protocols assistance, instance cache, and others.
  • SimpleJson is removed entirely from the code foundation. Now, RestSharp applies JsonSerializer from the System.Text.Json package. It is the inbuilt serializer for ASP DotNet Core.
  • Upgrades have removed most of the integrations.

Benefits of Choosing algoQA for RestSharp Script

  • algoQA produces C# RestSharp scripts for Microsoft stack to conduct API test automation
  • The scrip made at algoQA works seamlessly with C# Selenium-based UI automation.
  • algoQA provides a unitary platform for test automation and implementation. You can test UI and APIs with a single click.
  • algoQA from AlgoShack offers support for open API features. It is easy to apply and produce low-maintenance scripts.
  • algoQA from AlgoShack enables easy-to-maintain API automation scripts within a couple of minutes.
  • Single platform for API Test Automation, Load Automation, and UI-Based Functional Test Automation
  • Automation script for web applications, mobile apps, desktop based applications, hybrid applications, embedded software, and robotic process
  • A SaaS-based automation platform ensures greater returns on investment.
  • Better UX and helps businesses to reduce go-to-market time. It saves up to 80 percent of automation cycle time.

algoQA from AlgoShack is a one-stop destination for all automation requirements for your organization.

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