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API test automation using RestAssured

API Test Automation Using RestAssured

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API Test Automation Using RestAssured

Make your API test automation more readable with the RestAssured java library. It is powerful, effective, and easily maintainable for RESTful APIs. In the passage today, we will explain API test automation, the relationship with RestAssured, features, and benefits of choosing algoQA for the same to attain the desired outcome from software testing. algoQA from AlgoShack provides machine generated scripts for accurate test automation for a variety of applications.

What is API Test Automation?

API (Application programming interface) is a kind of software interface to facilitate communication between two or more applications. It also works as a service provider for diverse elements of the software. Automation testing of APIs observes and analyzes the operational capability of these APIs. The core purpose of API testing is to ensure efficiency, correctness, and compatibility to meet the expectations of the end users.

What is RestAssured?

RestAssured is a Java-based open-source library for API automation testing. It supports JSON and XML. The framework does not support GUI. The automation tool RestAssured functions in three easy-to-follow steps. It write test scripts for automated software testing.

How to do API Testing using RestAssured?

RestAssured authenticates response body elements and verifies the correctness of the technical data from responses. The response data include the content type, response headers, HTTP response status code, etc. RestAssured supports POST, PUT, PATCH, GET, DELETE, HEAD, and OPTIONS requests and is perfect for automation test JSON and XML-based web and mobile services. Programmers use RestAssured for integration with software testing frameworks like TestNG, Junit, and others.

Steps to Create Test Automation Project

  1. Create a project for API Test automation and include dependencies
  2. Form your RestAssured test script with algoQA, verify it, and run it for the project

A brief intro about methods

-GET: Procures the element at a particular URL

– POST: Generates new resource for URL

– PUT: Use for forming new resources and updating an existing resource at a particular


– PATCH: It supports part updates of resources at the URL

– DELETE: Deletes resources at a particular URL

Features of RestAssured

-RestAssured provides technical response data authentication. The software can check responses for the right status code, correct format, and the necessary header values.

– RestAssured is an effective API automation tool because it can form tests based on data sets. The data driven testing method ensures the right number of tests and minimizes potential maintenance calls.

– Data-driven tests with RestAssured are straightforward and productive.

– RestAssured provides several commonly applied API verification methods. You can use a username and password at the header of calls and OAuth 2.0 verification.

– Advantages of RestAssured API Automation Testing

– RestAssured provides stability and fastens the software testing process compare to the end-to-end test automation with UI.

– Greater integration, scope, and coverage compare to other unit tests

– RestAssured a DSL (Domain specific language) offers readable, maintainable, and effective test automation.

– It eliminates the requirement to write several boilerplate codes for an HTTP connection.

-Tests are human readable because it supports test notation with Given/Then/When

-RestAssured, a Java library, offers easy-to-follow integration and continuous delivery setup. Java testing software like TestNG and JUnit makes the process further simpler. New Releases and Updates for Rest Assured API Automation in 2022

Here is the chronological order of RestAssured releases in the current year.

  1. RestAssured 5.1.0 was released on 24th May 2022. The core aspect of this upgrade is the Spring MockMvc Module provides support for Spring Jakarta API and Spring Framework 6.
  2. RestAssured 5.1.1 was released on 10th June 2022. The release came with crucial improvements and fixes. In this version, The Spring WebTestClient Module supports Spring Framework 6.
  3. RestAssured 5.2.0 was released on 9th September 2022. The new version upgrades CRSF support with multiple other improvements and bug fixes.

Explore release notes and change logs at

Benefits of choosing algoQA for RestAssured Script

– algoQA produces RestAssured scripts for the Java stack to conduct API test automation.

– It helps to work the script seamlessly with Java Selenium-powered UI automation.

– The end-to-end AI-powered automation platform provides the system for automation test writing and execution with a single click.

– You can implement API and UI automation tests with this easy-to-use RestAssured java library.

– algoQA from AlgoShack enables easy-to-maintain API automation scripts within a couple of minutes.

-Users can produce API automation scripts anywhere and with AI-enabled machine learning-supported technology.

– Single platform for API Test Automation, Load Automation, and UI-Based Functional Test Automation

– Automation script for desktop applications, web applications, mobile apps, hybrid applications, embedded software, and robotic process

– A SaaS-based automation platform ensures greater returns on investment.

-Better UX and helps businesses to reduce go-to-market time. It saves up to 80 percent of automation cycle time. algoQA from AlgoShack is a one-stop destination for all automation requirements for your organization. Visit to explore more, and contact us for a demo today.