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Algoshack June Newsletter 2019

Algoshack June Newsletter 2019


AlgoShack’s Newsletter

Continuing from our last update, we have moved many milestones and accomplished more goals than we had aimed for. This newsletter brings to you all the updates for algoQA; our testing automation platform, it’s new features, client successes and where we stand as a team today.

Anyone can test with algoQA

algoQA produces, within minutes, optimal number of manual test cases written in Gherkin language along with datasets, and executable test scripts. You don’t have to write any test cases. Auto-coding and self-learning form the heart of the platform.

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algoQA automates testing for e-Commerce, Healthcare and other industry verticals as well, Software testing experience like never before, now executable in weeks

  • With algoQA, testing can be performed on mobile apps, web applications and desktop applications.
  • It also supports responsive design and progressive web applications.
  • The platform can be deployed on premise or on Cloud. It has been deployed on CentOS on AWS for several of our customers.
  • Risk profiling of applications using ML and defect prediction is now a reality.
  • We have also added other features such as video recording and screenshots of test execution, email and SMS for alerts.
  • The platform supports multiple scripting languages such as C#-Selenium, Java-Selenium, Python-LDTP, Python-Squish, Python-SikuliX, Python-Botium, Python-Appium

While we speed up Testing and Test Automation, there is no compromise on the deliverables or the process

algoQA in action!

e-Commerce case study

Software testing experience like never before, now executable in weeks

In e-Commerce, algoQA has generated nearly 3,500+ unique test cases executing 75,000 test steps along with multiple datasets covering more than 97% of the application through Automation.

  • Now, end to end script execution takes only 2 hours for a customer.
  • Test schedules on testing web applications can now be done on Desktop, Web and iOS and Android mobile applications covering multiple browsers.

Moving beyond testing

The algoQA platform now moves beyond testing, and tracks products that have gone out of stock.
It also provides real-time alerts when customers bounce off, thus providing 24/7 monitoring in the live environment. Read more

Medical devices case study

For a fortune global 20 Healthcare company, algoQA generated more than 17000 test cases for a CT application, along with data sets and executable test scripts. All this with minimal inputs required from the client. Read more

Re-imagine Testing with algoQA!

Get in touch with us for a FREE DEMO

Our commitment is to work closely with each one of our clients in helping them achieve their testing & test automation goals thus realizing the true value of testing. Contact us for a FREE DEMO. Click here or simply write to us at We will get in touch with you.