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Test Automation using C#

Test Automation Using C#

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C# pronounced as “See-Sharp” supports working with Selenium. It helps automation testing efficiently and creates glitch-free applications with Visual Studio on the DotNet framework.

Stay through the passage to explore test automation using C#, a type-safe, advanced, and object-focused programming language. We will explain Selenium working with C# programming language for reference and more.

What is C#?

See Sharp is an advanced computer language developer’s leverage to create robust and secure applications. You can use frameworks like Selenium to write the script and run software testing.

C# belongs to the C family of programming languages and is familiar with developers using C, C++, JS, and Java.

Application of C# for Automation Testing

  • C# helps to create test automation for applications with the Selenium framework. This combination updates along with other advanced computer languages Java program.
  • Automation test engineers use C# to develop and test applications with Visual Studio. The program is optimized for cross-platform .Net development.
  • C# offers lots of useful inbuilt features that make application development and software testing faster.
  • Visual Studio is IDE for C#. It makes the programming faster, more efficient, and better debugging.

Upgrades and Features in the latest C# Version 10

C# version 10 adds the following updates and features for the programming language.

  • Enhancement of language structure and record structs
  • Directives for universal application
  • Incorporated string assistance
  • Property features and patterns extension
  • Enhancement of lambda appearance
  • Declaration for file-scoped namespace
  • Definite assignment improvisation
  • Single deconstruction for declaration and assignment
  • Better #line pragma to explore Async Method Builder features for the system.

New upgrades on C# version 10 are open for preview and feedback. These additional features can change their outcome.

To use preview features, you need to set<Lang Version> to preview in the created automation project.

C# with Selenium Framework for Test Automation

C# leverages the Selenium framework and creates an automation testing system with an easy-to-read and run script.

Selenium, created by Jason Huggins at Thought Works, works as an open-source suite for software testing. It helps to execute tests for web and mobile applications. You can use the platform for multiple browsers and programming languages like C#, Python, Java, etc.

Selenium is efficient and easier to implement on diverse operating systems like Linux, Solaris, Macintosh, Windows, etc. It supports Windows and Android. It has computer language-specific drivers and best works with C# and Java.

C# and Selenium can create automation scripts in any programming language. After that, the QA team can run directly on modern browsers (Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari).

Stepwise Test Automation using Selenium in C#

Selenium Web Driver customized for C# language. Script for automation is created in See Sharp language and used for software testing.

Step One

Browse and download the Selenium Web Driver. Go to Tools and click on the package to initiate downloads.

Step Two

Type to search Selenium in the search bar on the top. Choose Selenium Web Driver and tick the Project checkbox. Here it will be Selenium Automation, then click on Install.

Step Three

A dialogue box will open for the license and begin the installation process. After Selenium Web Driver is set up the programmers can use the code in C# for test automation.

Note: Run the automation test with the code created with C# on Selenium. You must download the Chrome driver and unzip it for the Selenium framework.

How does algoQA accelerate automation by way of leveraging Low-Code-No-Code?

algoQA is a low-code-no-code platform for end-to-end test automation. algoQA can produce scripts in the technologies & frameworks of your choice. The scripts produced by algoQA are readily executable and easily maintainable as they comply with documentation practices and coding standards.

Automation Testing with C# on the algoQA Platform

  • algoQA can produces C# based automation scripts
  • algoQA provides an artificial intelligence-powered platform for end-to-end automation.
  • Diverse and multiple reporting formats, supports scripting in advanced programming languages, and works across ALMs.
  • Single platform for API Test Automation, Load Automation, and UI-Based Functional Test Automation.
  • Automation script for web apps, mobile apps, hybrid apps, embedded software, and robotic process.
  • A SaaS-based system with higher returns on investment
  • Machine-generated thousands of easy-to-execute test scripts and test cases
  • Enhances go-to-market time and saves up to 80% of business cycle time

Visit to learn more. Businesses can contact us for a free demo of algoQA from AlgoShack.

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